Ranvir Singh Husband: Who Is He And Why Did They Split

By Tharmini Kenas

3rd July 2020

Ranvir Singh Husband: Who Is He And Why Did They Split

Good Morning Britain presenter Ranvir Singh is known for her ground and live reporting of incidents as well as her impeccable work over the years. But, we know very little about Ranvir Singh’s husband. 

Interestingly, she revealed something about her husband and their relationship while on air with Ben Shephard. 

More about Ranvir Singh husband, her heated interview sessions and the many awards she won over the years. 

Who Is Ranvir Singh? A Little Peek Into Her Background…

Ranvir Singh husband

Image Source/Royal Television Society

Ranvir Singh was born into a Sikh family in Preston, Lancashire and she graduated from the University of Lancaster. She proceeded to work in BBC Radio Lancashire in 2002. 

After a series of moves from BBC GMR, BBC North West, BBC Radio 5 Live, ITV’s Daybreak, and This Morning, she joined Good Morning Britain in 2014. 

She started working with Susanna Reid, Ben Shephard, Sean Fletcher, and Charlotte Hawkins. The award-winning presenter has covered amazing stories such as travelling around the world onboard the RAF Voyager with the Prime Minister to China, Canada and inside the White House. She has also reported the Grenfell Tower fire live from the ground. 

Remarkably, some of the awards and accolades she received are ‘Best On Screen Talent’ at the Royal Television Society’s North West Awards, Honorary Fellowship from the University of Central Lancashire, ‘Media Personality of the Year’ at the Asian Media Awards, and inauguration as Chancellor of the University of Central Lancashire. 

Obviously, she has established herself very well over the years. But, why is her marriage a secret?

Did She Marry? Who Is Ranvir Singh’s Husband?

Ranvir married her husband Ranjeet Singh Dehal in 2012 and the couple has a son named Tushaan. However, Ranvir Singh has hinted that she split from her husband after finding something in her husband’s phone (we wonder if Piers Morgan’s wife has ever had this issue?!).


In a discussion in Good Morning Britain whether it is appropriate to check your partner’s messages, Ranvir said that she did and found something that needed to be addressed. 

“I have looked at it, once.”

And, when her co-host Ben Shephard asked if that is why they are no longer together Ranvir refused to answer that question. 

“But I have always thought that if you ever feel you need to do that then the relationship is over because you obviously don’t trust that person.”

“So I would say you think you don’t need to do it until you do.”

Fun Fact: Ranvir Singh’s husband might not be a part of the family, but the mother-son duo has welcomed a new member to their family. It is a cockapoo puppy and her son Tushaan named it  Shmizzels!

Moving On From Ranvir Singh’s Husband, Her Recent Work Adventures Are Rather Amusing!

Recently, political commentator Iain Dale snapped at Ranvir to get her facts right over Dominic Cummings’ controversy where he may have breached the lockdown rules. 

Ranvir said, 

“It’s interesting, isn’t it, because Durham Police, who are at the centre of all of this really, because their final word is what we have to go on.

“They actually didn’t absolve Dominic Cummings of all guilt because they actually did say he was – they did caption it as ‘minor’ – that there certainly was a breach of the rules. But that he wouldn’t be investigated.”

Then, Iain interrupted her saying, 

“Ranvir, you need to get this right! They did not say there was a breach of the rules, they said there may have been a minor breach of the rules. So let’s be accurate in this.”

Another Clash Just A Few Days Back

Ranvir Singh husband

Image Source/The Sun

On July 2, once again Ranvir and Ben Shephard created a ripple in Good Morning Britain when they talked to Lord Grade about the government’s ‘boycott’ of the show. 

The discussion ranged from dangers of online gambling, latest news on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the government’s ‘boycott’ of the show due to their refusal to be interviewed. 

According to Lord Grade, 

“The government makes its choices, the broader question is: is the government doing everything it can to communicate with the British public in whichever means it chooses to do that? If it chooses not to appear on your programme, I’m sorry for you.”

When Ben highlighted that the viewers need to be taken into consideration, Lord Grade was quick to point out that the current number of viewers were not as high as when he used to be with ITV


He also pointed out that Good Morning Britain is being arrogant to expect a government minister to appear on the show regardless of the current situation.


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