Karen EastEnders: All About Her And The Actor Playing Her

By Tharmini Kenas

2nd July 2020

Karen EastEnders: All About Her And The Actress Playing Her

Loud, rowdy, and unapologetically herself. Karen EastEnders is a favourite among the audience. Her soft and caring personality has won the hearts of many. 

However, she is in a complicated situation and she might be leaving Albert Square to do what is right. While the world waits on to see what will happen to Karen, we are bringing you Lorraine Stanley, the actor playing Karen in EastEnders

More about Karen EastEnders, actress Lorraine Stanley, their similarities, differences and quirks…

Karen Taylor And EastEnders

British households have been watching EastEnders since 1985 on BBC One. The British soap opera, created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland is set in Albert Square in Walford. The story follows the daily life of its local residents and has been a big hit over the years. 

Some other EastEnders include Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy), Max Branning (Jake Wood), Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton), and Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), to name a few. 

Remarkably, EastEnders has won ten BAFTA Awards, 12 National Television Awards, 11 Best British Soap Awards at the British Soap Awards, 13 TV Quick and TV Choice Awards and the list goes on and on! 

Karen EastEnders

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Karen Taylor moved into Albert Square with her family and they were instantly disliked by their neighbours for being noisy and brash. But, how about the audience? 

According to Lorraine who played Karen, 

“I wasn’t worried viewers wouldn’t like Karen and was confident they’d see her soft, vulnerable and fun side. Any character takes a while to bed in, I know that as a viewer and audiences are fickle. She’ll always be hard as nails but I trusted the writers who wrote for her so brilliantly.”

Interestingly, Karen is now in a position which forces her to leave Albert Square. 

Here’s Why Karen EastEnders Is Planning To Leave…

Karen EastEnders

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Karen prepares to leave her children behind to take care of baby Kayden out of Walford. Sharon (Letitia Dean) gave Kayden to Karen because she could not take care of him after her son Dennis’ death. 

Interesting Fact: Baby Kayden is the love child of Karen’s son Keanu and Sharon. 

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) offered her money to take care of Kayden on the condition that she leaves Walford. Otherwise, he threatened that the baby would be taken into care. 

Although as a mother, she doesn’t want to leave the square, she is focused on Kayden and his well-being. 

According to Lorraine,

 “Obviously, as a mother, she doesn’t want to leave her children but she feels that she’s doing the right thing for Kayden, she couldn’t bear him to go into care so it’s her only option.”

It Would Be A Very Hard Goodbye

Lorraine thinks Karen would be hurt most to leave Keegan to fend for himself in Albert Square as he has been having a rough time after being arrested and had his food van vandalised. 

“Plus he’s newly married and things are going a bit wrong for him so I think she’s thinking he’s vulnerable.”

What’s worse, Karen would also be leaving her love interest Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick). 

Lorraine said to Digital Spy, 

“She’s not going too far, but she is gutted. She really likes him and it’s a new relationship. But she’s got to do what she’s got to do and what’s best for Kayden.”

What Does Lorraine Think Of Her Character, Karen?

Lorraine plays Karen EastEnders and she looks up to the woman Karen is. 

“She is a natural mother and loves looking after people. That gives her kindness and strength, she’ll do anything for anyone. Karen would give you her last fiver if she had one herself!”

Interestingly, Lorraine is very different from Karen in real life. 

“I pushed for the bra straps on the show and the very tight-fitting stuff when I first joined. She’s a big woman who shows her curves. I cover mine but Karen couldn’t care less. 

“Plus I’ve never played glamorous roles on telly so I’m used to seeing myself and thinking, ‘Oh my God you look awful’. Although sometimes if my fella is sat next to me and he has EastEnders on I’ll say, ‘Don’t look at me on screen.’ He knows I’m a sort in real life though.”

Enough About Karen EastEnders and EastEnders’ Spoilers…Here Are Interesting Things About Lorraine…

Karen EastEnders

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  • Her favourite Christmas movies are Santa Clause The Movie and The Wizard of Oz.
  • Her New Year resolution is always the same every year which is to lose weight. 
  • She is also well known for playing Kelly in London to Brighton in 2006.
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