Here’s What Your *NEW* Star Sign Has In Store For Your August LOVE Life!

By Lucy Cooper

31st July 2020

When the ‘new’ star signs were released, there was absolute uproar that we’d all been living an astronomical lie.

You instantly Googled your new sign’s ‘qualities’, before deciding whether or not you wanted to jump ship.

Whether you’re just rolling with your original one, or jumping onboard your new one, here’s a look in to what the ‘new’ signs have to offer your love life this month. You might well just want to make the switch (or not) after reading this…

Capricorn (Jan 20th- Feb 16th)

This is your time to finally bite the bullet, and tell them how you feel. We’re living in the most uncertain of times, so there’s no time like the present to take the plunge…


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