Delicious And Easy Home Recipes That Even The Worst Chefs Can Make!

By Emma Moylan

30th July 2020

Delicious And Easy Home Recipes To Satisfy Your Stomach

There is nothing better than a nice hearty meal to satisfy your stomach and help you slip into a fulfilling food coma.

Pasta, paella or hot pot, the simple meals are the best. Nothing fancy or time consuming, all we want is a quick, flavour-filled food without dropping the dough. Admittedly, whenever we have tried to embody Gordon Ramsey’s chef spirit in the past, we’ve succeeded with the swearing but not necessarily with the cooking skills… Chicken apparently can’t be cooked al dente.

Whatever your favourite flavour, it’s time to throw the takeaway menus and cook up a storm with these delicious and EASY home recipes as we attempt to leave our kitchen nightmares in the past.

Spag Bol Toastie

Make it in TEN minutes with just six ingredients…

The ultimate classic on a toastie? This hits on so many different levels. It is basically a mash of our favourite foods; garlic bread, cheese and bolognese. Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, this could be a game changer on using spag bol leftovers (if you ever have any).

The best thing is, it only takes 10 minutes and six ingredients to achieve this heavenly delight.

You can find the recipe here: Spag bol Toastie

Image Source/Planet Food

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