Davina McCall Hires Vocal Coach To Save Her Voice

By Cara Dudgeon

7th July 2020

Davina McCall has hired a vocal coach in a bid to save her voice

Image Source/ TVOvermind

The 52-year-old TV presenter has revealed she’s decided to turn to a professional and has stopped consuming fizzy drinks after she started going hoarse.

She told the ‘Making the Cut’ podcast:

‘I’ve been seeing a vocal coach because my vocal chords were slightly under strain and I was going a bit raspy.

‘Especially if I was out in a loud situation. The last time I went out I had a hoarse voice for three days’.

Davina has confessed to shouting a lot during her time presenting Big Brother, revealing that the show’s live audience made her job quite challenging.

However, Davina insisted she’s not a “shouty” person by nature.

She shared:

‘On the first series of Big Brother, there were always 1,000 people in the audience and I didn’t know you didn’t need to shout with a stick microphone.

‘I just knew I couldn’t hear myself. So I shouted. Since then I’m known as the shouty presenter. But actually, I don’t shout. I don’t walk around screaming’.

Last month, a TV source claimed Davina had held talks to revive Celebrity Big Brother in 2021.

The presenter – who hosted the original Big Brother series – is being eyed by Channel 4 bosses to front a star-studded edition of the show.

The insider explained:

‘Davina has been approached about the potential of returning to present Celebrity Big Brother again.

‘She is the undisputed queen of the show, so it would be a dream to have her back. They’re prepared to work everything around her if it means getting her on board. And of course, there will be a healthy pay cheque on offer’.

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