Amber Gill Deleted Instagram After Black Lives Matter Backlash

By Cara Dudgeon

29th July 2020

Amber Gill deleted Instagram after a backlash over her Black Lives Matter posts

Image Source/ Belfast Telegraph

The Love Island star admitted she feels “very passionately” about “anything to do with people’s human rights”, but she received abuse from social media users after attending a protest during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on ‘The Reality of Reality TV with Fleur East’, she said:

‘I went to the Black Lives Matter protest because it means a lot to me, and I feel very passionately about it. To be honest, anything to do with people’s human rights…

‘I stuck to the government guidelines heavily but I felt, like, people’s human rights were more important than social distancing at that point. I just did. And that’s how I felt and that’s how a lot of other people felt.

‘I was trying to be safe, so I wore a mask, I was handing out hand sanitiser, I had my gloves on, I was doing everything that I possibly could but it was just something that had to be done then and there because it needs to be heard’.

However, the reality TV star “lost thousands of followers” on the social media platform, and took a temporary break from Instagram.

Amber explained:

‘I had to turn it off because I wanted to fight these people and be, like, “No it’s not about all lives matter, it’s about all lives do matter but when black lives start to matter more then all lives can matter… but now the focus is on black lives matter”.

‘But then I felt like I was just repeating myself to people that didn’t want to hear it so, yeah, deleted the app’.

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