20 Horror Movies That Were Based On Real Life Events!

By Georgia Keenan

12th July 2020

Horror movies are more popular now than ever before with 2017 being rated as the ”biggest year for horror in decades.”

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While some might find it very odd, us horror buffs just love the thrill that comes with being scared. Whether it’s an axe wielding psychopath, an unknown creature of the night or a vengeful spirit haunting a stately home, Hollywood always has us covered.

What many people don’t realise is that some of the most iconic horror movies to have graced our screens were¬† based on events that really did happen!

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Join us as we take a look at 20 horror movies that were based on real life events…

1. Open Water (2003)

Open Water is a 2003 production that follows the tragic story of Daniel Kintner (Daniel Travis) and Susan Watkins (Blanchard Ryan).

Open Water (2003)…

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The couple embark on what they originally believe will be an adventurous scuba-diving vacation in the Caribbean.

While exploring the mysteries of the ocean, the couple make a bold move and decide to dive deeper…

A tale of survival…

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Upon their return to the surface they discover that both the group and the boat they arrived with are gone.

After an incorrect headcount and a tiresome day, the boat departed without Daniel and Susan.

Life or death…

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At first the couple remain hopeful that after realising their mistake the boat will return to collect them…

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