11 Things Every Girl With A DS Will Remember

By Emma Moylan

31st July 2020

11 Things Every Girls With A DS Will Remember

Forget iPads or Macbooks, our childhoods weren’t complete without our Nintendo DS. In fact, we’re wondering where on earth it’s packed away as it’s time to dust it off and see if our Nintendogs are still bopping about.

Whether you were on your own, at a sleepover or on a school trip, the DS was the ultimate cool accessory that we just couldn’t live without. They were much simpler times…

So get ready to be filled with nostalgia as we reminisce on all the things you’ll remember if you had a Nintendo DS.

1. Making Friends With Randomers On Picto Chat

Remember joining the Picto Chat and just drawing random stuff and then some randomer would enter and you’d kick off a conversation?

It was just about the most exciting thing to ever happen when we were ten years old.

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