Thomas Skinner Receives Death Threats After Failing To Social Distance

By Cara Dudgeon

9th June 2020

Thomas Skinner has received death threats after breaking social distancing rules

Image Source/ BBC

The Apprentice star admitted in a video clip he didn’t follow government guidelines by staying two metres apart from his friends on Saturday (06.06.20), and has now been met with a number of “disgusting” messages from people wanting him to “die”.

In a video shared on his Twitter account, Thomas, 28, said:

‘Yesterday afternoon I popped round my mates for a couple of beers, we sat in the garden and like an absolute idiot, it slipped my mind, we stood up for a brief moment and had a photo and didn’t stay to the two-metre guidelines.

‘And you know what, I put myself at risk, it was absolutely careless of me, I put my family at risk and didn’t think and I just want to apologise. Obviously I have upset a few people on Twitter from posting that photo and that’s all I want to say to that’.

Thomas – who owns The Fluffy Pillow Company – addressed the trolls who have sent him vile messages.

He continued:

‘But, since posting that photo some of the messages and reviews left on my website were absolutely disgusting. I had people saying they wanted me to die, and I had people messaging me saying they wanted me to fail in business.

‘I worked hard to get to where I got to, only a couple of years ago that I changed my life around for the better. I never used to be this person, where did it get me trying to be this hardman, it got me nowhere. It got me a couple of criminal records, it got me £100,000 worth of debt.

‘Please don’t send me messages saying I don’t deserve to be where I am at because I work bloody hard. (sic)’.

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