Thomas Skinner Pillow: The Apprentice Star’s Business

By Tharmini Kenas

22nd June 2020

Thomas Skinner Pillow: The Apprentice Star’s Business

He may not have won The Apprentice Series 15 but he won many hearts of the audience due to his humility and good nature on the show. Thomas Skinner, pillow businessman has become the talk of the town quite recently! 

He describes himself as a businessman, full-time geeza and a professional beer drinker. A quick look at his social media profile would tell you that all of these are absolutely true! 

Impressively, Thomas Skinner owns a pillow company named The Fluffy Pillow Company and is working hard to build his empire. More about Thomas Skinner pillows, his story and his heart-warming personality. 

Who Is Thomas Skinner And What Is His Background Story? 

Thomas Skinner Pillow

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Thomas Skinner is the managing director of The Fluffy Pillow Company that sells pillows such as the Satin Stripe Hotel Quality, Hollow Fibre Bounce Back, and Classic Memory Foam pillow as well as beds and mattresses. 

Recently, he appeared in The Apprentice and survived in the show until week nine. Sadly, he was eliminated for doing badly in the musical management task. 

Apparently, Thomas had been working hard since he was a young boy. 

According to his company’s website, 

“Our founder Thomas spent the majority of his youth working around London buying and selling anything he could get his hands on. From markets to retail stores, he made his way across the city always on the lookout for bargains and opportunities to sell.”

Thomas Skinner Pillow

Image Source/The Tab

Meanwhile, Thomas himself admitted that, 

“When I was 17 I remember I was having a right good day and this fella came over to me. He went ‘you boy – you can sell you can, boy’.”

“I thought he was going to rob my belt with all my money in it and I didn’t want him knowing who I was. So I told him my name was Henry. To this day, he still calls me Henry and I’ve never had the bottle to tell him that ain’t my name.”

Thomas Had His Fair Share Of Struggles Before He Decided To Turn His Life Around

Anyone following his Instagram or Twitter would know that he works hard to keep his business going especially now that times are tough for business owners due to lockdown restrictions. 


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Unfortunately, he got into trouble when he posted a photo with his friends without minding social distancing rules. He got a backlash from his fans and followers. Horribly, some asked him to die while some left bad online reviews about his business. 

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Rightfully so, Thomas apologised and explained that he worked hard to be where he is right now. 

“I had some people saying that they wanted me to die. I had people messaging me saying they wanted to fail in business.

“Guys! I work bloody hard to get to where I got to. A couple of years ago I changed my life for the better. I didn’t use to be this person.

“And what did it get me being Joe the champ back in the day, being the hard man? It got me nothing. It got me a couple of criminal records and a £100,000 worth of debt.”

Thomas Skinner Pillow Businessman Is Going To Be A Dad This October! 

Thomas and his girlfriend are expecting their first child after being together for two and a half years. Interestingly, Thomas is bursting with excitement! 

“It’s honestly the best news I’ve had in my life.

“At this crazy time for everyone I just want to share my happy news, it’s just fantastic and I’m so excited for what’s to come.”

He even got all dressed up for the baby scan, more so since he missed the first one due to tight social distancing measures at the hospital. 

“Obviously I’m gutted, I would love to have seen the scan as it happens but I totally understand the need to have those rules in place.

“I was so nervous waiting outside the hospital! It’s the most scared I’ve ever been and I was gutted I wasn’t in there with her.”

The Apprentice Played A Big Part In Boosting Thomas Skinner Pillow Business

Apart from shining the spotlight on his business, the show also gave him a long list of fans and followers. Amazingly, they flocked to his website and contributed to Thomas Skinner pillow business by buying a pillow or two after he was eliminated from the show! 

“I wanna thank all my fantastic new customers! I’ve had the best week I’ve ever had selling Pillows, Beds and Mattresses! 

“Been so busy packaging up pillows to send out and hasn’t stopped doing deliveries! I’m so grateful! Going on #theapprentice has changed my life! Thank you all.”


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Admittedly, his down-to-earth and gentleman nature went well with the audience and with Lord Alan Sugar himself. 

“You give your all and if this was a war and I was a general and we were in the trenches somewhere, who would I take with me out of you lot? Him. That’s what I would do, no question of it. But we’re not in a war. I’ve got to go into business.

“It is saddening for me Thomas but I have to say that it has been nice being associated with you, I hope that you have picked up a lot of stuff in this process about yourself.”

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