Stephanie Davis Has Quit Hollyoaks

By Cara Dudgeon

16th June 2020

Stephanie Davis has quit Hollyoaks

Image Source/ The Independent

The 27-year-old actress has decided to step down from her role as Sinead O’Connor in the Channel 4 soap, but admitted it was “not on what she wanted but what she knew was right”.

Alongside an image that read “goals: be happy”, she captioned it:

‘Sometimes we make decisions based not on what we want but what we know is right!

‘I have loved bringing Sinead into your homes for the past ten years but it’s with a heavy heart I have decided to leave Hollyoaks and now looking forward to working on new and exciting projects. Excited!’

Back in December 2019, Stephanie admitted she hasn’t returned to Hollyoaks because she “relapsed” and tried to take her own life and she slowly felt her body was “giving up”.

She wrote at the time:

‘I haven’t been back to work because the real truth is I relapsed & tried to kill my self. This was a suicide video I was leaving behind saying I’m sorry and cannot continue. I can still feel the pain in my chest when I watch this, it’s really hard to watch. I relapsed after a long time sober, I did so well and I am proud of my self for that.

‘Because of a build up of events that happened I should have made a completely different decision with certain things & stood by everything I worked so hard for & my self worth, BUT I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason as it lead me to my diagnosis.

‘I was working on something which I went through in real life that brought up a lot of pain for me, I lost my truth & self worth, I hated my self & didn’t feel good enough anymore, it’s hard being a single mum, my uncle died & I was battling badly with my mental health without any help or medication & I finally broke.

‘I knew I was breaking for a good while before this, but I was trying my absolute BEST to be ok, but I wasn’t My heart couldn’t take anymore pain after the horrendous DV relationship which I have trauma and PTSD from & still hasn’t dealt with properly. I felt like life was unfair, I couldn’t breath, I was anxious, why was all this pain happening to me when all i wanted desperately was to be happy.

‘I was in hospital a week before but I slowly felt my body giving up, I lost feeling in both arms & then my legs… I was rushed into hospital by blue light & straight into intensive care, if I was left another hour I would have died. (sic)’.

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