Rachel Riley Feels 'Guilty' Enjoying Lockdown

By Cara Dudgeon

1st June 2020

Rachel Riley feels “guilty” to be enjoying lockdown with her husband

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

The 34-year-old maths guru – who has six-month old daughter Maven – has admitted to having a bittersweet feeling after spending the last few months self-isolating with Strictly Come Dancing star Pasha Kovalev.

She told The Sun Online:

‘It’s one of those things where you feel slightly guilty for enjoying aspects of lockdown. We’re in a really fortunate position.

‘All of our work’s gone but we’re not having to struggle in that sense. Pasha would have been away with tours and cruises dancing had it not been for lockdown so he’s enjoying time with us’.

However, the Countdown star feels bad that most of her friends never had the support she’s enjoyed after giving birth.

Rachel explained:

‘I feel guilty all my friends, or most of them, had a period where they were left alone with the baby.

‘From morning til night they’re having to do all the work, and I’ve got Pasha and his mum here all the time and the baby’s really benefiting from it in a lot of ways’.

Pasha’s mother was visiting her son from Russia when the virus hit and borders were shut, meaning she’s been stuck in the UK.

But she’s been a big help to Rachel, who is still adjusting to the challenge of motherhood.

Rachel said:

‘My mother-in-law is stuck here, she’s from Russia. She was over visiting the baby and when Russia closed its borders because of coronavirus she was still here.

‘She’s lovely, she’s great. She’s really enjoying seeing the baby and we’ll entertain the baby in the day and as soon as she’s down at night, we’ll shove something on the telly and have a bit of food together’.

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