Peaky Blinders Director Teases 'Pretty Dark' Female Character For Series 6

By Cara Dudgeon

23rd June 2020

Peaky Blinders will introduce a “pretty dark” female character set to challenge Tommy Shelby

Image Source/ Hyperpix

Director Anthony Byrne has opened up about the upcoming sixth season of the BBC period drama and hinted at a mystery woman who will give Cillian Murphy’s alter ego a “run for his money”.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said:

‘There’s a great female character who is new, who is pretty dark. I haven’t seen a character like her in ‘Peaky’ before.

‘I won’t say who she is, but she certainly gives Tommy a run for his money. She challenges him in a different way basically. She’s certainly not a protagonist and I don’t know if she’s an antagonist’.

While Anthony compared the character to Oswald Mosley – a real life politician played by Sam Claflin in series five – he admitted the team haven’t actually cast the role yet.

He added:

‘It’s similar to Mosley… she has a similar ideology, and that’s challenging for any character, like I’ve said before… he or she, they don’t have guns or a gang, but they have an ideology that’s like a virus and it’s more dangerous than anything.

‘She’s a great character and we’re really close to casting her, as well’.

But fans could have a long time to wait to see the new character appear on screen, as Anthony has revealed the sixth season could be delayed until the end of 2021 – or even early the following year.

He explained:

‘In an ideal world it would be great to be prepping again towards the end of the year with a view to start shooting early next year.

‘That feels achievable, whether that’s true or not, I have no idea.

‘If we did start shooting in January (2021), we wouldn’t finish until May or June and then it’s another six months of editing’.

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