Olivia Attwood: I'm Melting Without Botox

By Cara Dudgeon

3rd June 2020

Olivia Attwood is “melting away” without Botox

Image Source/ CelebsNow

The 29-year-old reality star barely recognises herself after her filler has dissolved during lockdown, and she hasn’t been able to get a top up as clinics are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said:

‘I’m not getting any younger so I like a few enhancements and a bit of Botox, but that’s all gone. I feel like I’m melting away – I look at the mirror and say, “Who is this girl? I don’t know her”‘.

Olivia has been booking salon appointments “religiously” for the past 11 years, where she would dye her brown hair bleach blonde, undergo laser hair removal and get a manicure, but everything has been put on hold since the global health crisis.

She added:

‘I’m now a brunette for the first time in 11 years. As soon as I was old enough to colour my hair I’ve been dyeing it religiously and all I have now are these straggly blonde bits on the ends.

‘I usually have a laser hair removal once a month so things are looking a bit crazy down there. I’ve had to get a razor out, which has been traumatising. They lied when they said laser removal lasts for ever’.

The former Love Island star – who finished third on the reality show with ex-boyfriend Chris Hughes in 2017 – is insisting she will be the first one through the door when the government lifts the restrictions by sending her salon “threatening messages” telling them how desperate she is.

She said:

‘I’ve been sending them threatening messages, saying, “I’m first on the list, you don’t understand how desperate I am”. So the first day they reopen I will be there with my mask on, ready to go’.

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