Katya Clarkson: Who Are Jeremy Clarkson’s Kids?

By Juliet Smith 3 years ago

Katya Clarkson: Who Are Jeremy Clarkson's Kids?
Although he's recognised for his no-nonsense persona, when it comes to his children, Jeremy Clarkson is a big softie at heart.

With three kids: Emily, Finlo and Katya Clarkson to his ex-wife Frances Cain, Jeremy once had his hands full, but now they're all grown up, what are they up to and what's their relationship with their dad like?

Let's find out...

What's Jeremy's Relationship With His Kids Like?

Although the former Top Gear presenter likes to keep his family life private, he opened up about his relationship with his children in a column in The Times. Jeremy said:

"I have many friends who have gone — sometimes literally — to the ends of the earth so they can have children. And I absolutely understand why.

"Yes, it’s true, you can only be as happy as your least happy child and they are a constant font of worry and stress.

"But I cannot imagine what life would be without them or the fizz I get when I know I’m going to spend time with them. They are, quite literally, the point of my existence."

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What Has Emily Said About Her Dad?

After being asked about her family in an interview with DriveTribe, Emily admitted that her dad's car interest meant that growing up with cars was all she knew.
She explained: "He was a motoring journalist during the nineties and the noughties.

"We used to get photos of cars posted to us so I think I thought that was normal just to have loads of photos of cars around the house."

She added: "So my friends at school used to be pretty impressed with my ability to recognise any car when we were on a school trip.

"That was my party trick."

Emily reflected on her dad's career on Top Gear, revealing:
"I think he's been on it maybe for at least as long as I've been alive," she added.

She explained how her dad lived 'so many lives' which she thought was 'super cool'. Musing on her own life, she said:
"I don't ever want there to be a typical day in my life because I'm probably doing something really boring."

Emily - 25

In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, Jeremy revealed that his daughter Emily is now engaged.

In April, he took to Instagram to reveal the happy news, sharing an adorable snap of Emily and her hubby-to-be Alex Andrew. Writing alongside the picture, the Grand Tour presenter captioned: ‘Very very happy father.’


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Well, shit!!!! 💍 @alexandrew.1

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Of course, Emily was flooded with congratulations, including from Loose Women host Jane Moore and Gordon Ramsay's daughter Holly.

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Finlo - 23

Although not much is known about Finlo - who likes to keep things private - he was recently captured wearing a neck and thoracic extension brace during  a holiday to Barbados! The pictures showed Finlo with his mum - Jeremy's ex wife Frances - on the beach alongside France's new partner.

Katya Clarkson, 19, keeps her life even more private than her siblings and little is known about Jeremy's youngest daughter!

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