India Willoughby Instagram – Britain’s First Transgender National News Broadcaster

By Lynda Keleer

23rd June 2020

India Willoughby Instagram – Britain’s First Transgender National News Broadcaster

India Willoughby is a beloved face on English TV. You know her from delivering the latest news on telly, to embracing her true sexuality and breaking barriers, to Celebrity Big Brother, and much, much more. If you want more of the lovely India Willoughby off screen, you can now find her on Instagram!

India Willoughby Instagram

India Willoughby’s Instagram is what everyone’s talking about these days where she candidly shares some insights to her life.

But what about her past?

Today, we will get the low down on India Willoughby and her interesting past. We’ll also be talking about her latest posts on Instagram and you’re missing out if you don’t follow her already.

Let’s get investigating!

India Willoughby Before Instagram

Before the age of Instagram, you could get your daily dose of India Willoughby reporting for ITV Border.

But let us first backtrack to learn more about where she comes from!


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India Scarlett Willoughby was born around 1966 or 1967 in London, England.

She is a well-known face on English TV, as she is an English television broadcaster and more recently, a reality TV star.

India grew up in Carlisle, Cumbria, and she grew up as a boy named Jonathan.

She got her first gig anchoring the news for ITV Border in which she stayed for 10 years.

Then in 2010, she quit her job to undergo a full transition.

India Scarlett Willoughby

When asked about the problems she faced before her transition, India spoke out:

“Being trans was something I struggled with for many years, and caused me a lot of stress.”

“I’d always known I was in the wrong body. I tried to resist it but it became exhausting.”

Understandably, coming out for India was tough, especially in that age where there wasn’t much understanding and acceptance about other sexualities.


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Nevertheless, she knew who she really was and decided to be true to herself.

One of her dreams was to continue presenting the news on screen as India, she said:

“I used to dream of going in one day and just carrying on my career as the real me, as India. Then I would realise it just wasn’t possible.”

And she did! And we also have her brave decision to Thank for all the important news and entertainment she’s brought to our households.

Britain’s First Transgender National TV Broadcaster

After her transition, she went back to reporting on-screen for ITV Border.

Shortly after that, she became Britain’s first transgender National TV broadcaster for Channel 5’s 5News!

Her sharp tongue and honest attitude also got her a spot onto ITV’s Loose Women as a guest to share her inspiring story.

Turns out, everyone loved her! She is now a co-host of Loose Women alongside Priscilla Presley and Russell Watson.


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India’s road to reality stardom then began as she joined the popular Celebrity Big Brother – Year of the Woman in 2018.

Other famous celebrities who’s been on the reality show include pass housemates like Ryan Thomas and Charlotte Crosby.

Her stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house came with some drama from a conversation between India and rapper Ginuwine when she asked him if he would go out with a transgender woman.

To which Ginuwine replied:

“I believe it’s your choice… I would choose not to. That doesn’t make me scared.”


Ginuwine even went on to reject a kiss from India as she leaned in by simply replying with a “no”.

Obviously, this sparked a flurry of messages that surrounded transphobia.

India Willoughby Instagram

In more positive news, India Willoughby is doing great as ever!

She’s constantly inspiring people to be true to themselves saying:

“I would say to anyone else in my position, if you know you’re trans, be true to yourself. Grab life and make the most of it.”

And more recently, India Willoughby is on Instagram where she shares us snippets of her life.

You can find her via the username @indiawilloughby_real if you want your daily dose of positivity.

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