Improve Chances of Financial Success by Living in These Cities

By Ciara

1st June 2020

Improve Chances of Financial Success by Living in These Cities

London, Glasgow, Leeds and the South East of England are the best places to live in the UK if you want financial success. Learn about the best paid UK cities right here!


A recent study conducted by Ocean Finance looked into where the most successful Brits come from. By ‘success’ they mean awarded the highest achievements in business, sport, music and media – and by extension, the most financial success. The results of the research will be no surprise to many, uncovering that Britain’s most successful people are living in London. But that doesn’t paint the full picture. There are plenty of financially successful people living across the length and breadth of the UK. Here are the details.

Financial Success North of Hadrian’s Wall

Glasgow and Edinburgh are homes for some of the UK’s wealthiest people. Both areas offer a robust local economy in a wide range of industries, especially engineering, pharmaceuticals, medicine and manufacturing.


University graduates are gravitating to these cities because they can offer excellent graduate jobs while not having to pay the high costs of living for residing in the likes of London. Whereas Edinburgh may also be more costly to live in than other UK cities, it remains relatively cheaper compared to London.

Financial Success in the North

The northern cities of England are also home or the birthplaces to some of the wealthiest people. Graduates and experienced professionals often look on grad jobs site JobRapido for jobs in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham.


These cities host a wealth of renowned UK companies and global brands, which may be growing. Due to Brexit uncertainty, many London-based businesses have headed north to take advantage of cheaper office and running costs. Well-known banks and even fashion labels have left London to seek Brexit shelter in the north.

Financial Success in the South East

The south of the UK is filled with cities with renowned companies. Many of these are based in the South East. This is because they can stay outside of the capital but have easy transport links to the city. Moreover, they have an easy way to mainland Europe for international trade. Their prime location in England back garden makes them a magnet for some of the most successful businesses, which then attracts top UK workers.


The study by Ocean Finance also found that a lot of successful British Olympians come from the South East of England, including Greg Rutherford, Steve Redgrave and Kelly Holmes.

Criticisms of the Research

The research looked at 650 individuals who were the top earners and deemed the most successful people in the UK. However, it could be argued that this does not always give a true reflection of people who are not Nobel prize winners, leading scientists or, in the case of the study, an Olympic medal holder.

Nevertheless, these cities are still boasting strong economies despite Brexit looming and will be a fantastic place to seek well-paid employment.

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