Gemma Collins Plans To Only Eat Treats Once A Week After Lockdown Revelation

By Cara Dudgeon

11th June 2020

Gemma Collins has decided to only eat treats once a week from now on

Image Source/ MyLondon

The 39-year-old reality star found it “strange” she was “so satisfied” with one Big Mac meal when McDonald’s reopened, but as as result she has decided to make a permanent change to her eating habits.

Speaking on ‘The Gemma Collins Podcast’, she confessed:

‘I went in on the menu and it was so strange because my mouth was watering and when I got the food I couldn’t eat it all. I was just so satisfied with one Big Mac.

‘You know when you go to McDonald’s you just have a blow out? But it was just so strange. I think one good thing that’s come out of lockdown for me is I’ve realised it’s best not to have treats everyday. Like, once a week is amazing’.

The Diva Forever star has been on a health kick since the global health crisis began – which initially allowed people to go outside for exercise once a day – after she bought a bike during the lockdown.

Gemma has built up a stamina after riding around her neighbourhood, and can now ride up hills after previously struggling on anything but flat surfaces.

She added:

‘It’s been really interesting because when I first took the bike out I could only do flat surfaces and literally as the weeks have been going on, I’m now in seven gears on one side and three on the other.

‘I’ve still not worked out what they mean’.

However, that’s not the only first for Gemma as she began ironing for the first time in three years, since the lockdown prevented her helpers from working in her home.

She previously said:

‘I’m all up to date with me washing, I even took out me own iron.

‘I’ve not ironed for three years and I’ve not made a bed for about five years, so yeah move over Mrs Hinch because The GC is becoming a pro.

‘I’m used to having it all done for me Mariah Carey-style but you know what, if it means staying home and saving lives The GC does what she’s gotta do’.

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