Emily Atack: 'Instagram-perfect Isolation' Debunked

By Amelia Slater

22nd June 2020

Emily Atack: ‘Instagram-perfect Isolation’ Debunked

Emily Atack’s instagram may be full of stunning snaps of the glamorous actress but she debunks the myth of an ‘instagram-perfect isolation’.

The bronde bombshell first catapulted to fame after playing the role of Charlotte ‘Big Jugs’ Hinchcliffe in E4’s coming-of-age British sitcom The Inbetweeners.

Emily starred in the show – which centres around four teenage boys and their journey towards adulthood – throughout its three seasons from 2008 until 2010.

She also competed in the eighteenth series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! finishing in second place after football manager Harry Redknapp.

She released a book called Are We There Yet? To indignity…and beyond! in 2019.

The Inbetweeners Beauty Looked Sensational At The Global Awards

Earlier this year, Emily presented an award at the Global Awards, sporting a one-shouldered black dress from Very.

emily atack instagram

Image Source: /Instagram @emilyatackofficial

Emily Atack’s Instagram Showed Off Her Toned Figure After Ditching The Fast Food

Amidst the coronavirus lockdown, the star revealed that she had lost a stone in three months after making the decision to cut out the takeaways.

She also showed off her incredible weight loss, explaining to fans how she had implemented a healthier lifestyle in general. The star joined chef James Martin for a live cooking session on Instagram.

Other stars including: Geordie Shore member Chloe Ferry and Love Island contestant Zara McDermott have also upped their fitness levels with outstanding results.

Emily shared a mouth-watering snap of a cooking session involving a very scrumptious looking prawn biryani.

Image Source: /Instagram @emilyatackofficial

A month before, the star had hit back at an insta follower who claimed that her culinary masterpieces would lead to her putting on weight.

She shut down the comment by arguing that she had in fact lost weight as a result of her new diet.

Image Source: /Instagram @emilyatackofficial

The Stunner Flaunted Her Enviable Hour-Glass Figure In A Throwback Bikini Snap

The bombshell left little to the imagination after sharing a blue bikini snap showing off her curves. She captioned it:

‘This isn’t now but it bloody well should be.’


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This isn’t now but it bloody well should be 💙

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Emily Has Hit Out At Trolls For Criticising Her For Being ‘Too Fat’

Emily Atack has slammed fat-shaming trolls, who have tried to drag her down in the past. She revealed to OK!:

‘Sometimes you have to tell people to f**k off. I get fat-shamed a lot, but I don’t give a sh*t.

‘I’d be more upset about comments on my personality. But it’s other young girls looking at those comments. I’m not fat, so they might think, well if she’s fat, then what am I?’

emily atack NTA awards red carpet 2020

Image Source: /CelebMafia

Emily Shared A Throwback Pic During The Height Of Her Inbetweeners Fame

Emily posted a throwback snap of herself dating back to March 2010, when she was 20 years old.

At the time, the fresh-faced star was at the height of fame following the success of sitcom The Inbetweeners.

She captioned the photo:

‘#MeAt20 with my melon head and tiny little body, that was criticised for being too fat even then. You will never please everybody. So have that Easter egg for breakfast and relax.’

emily atack age 2020

Image Source: /Daily Mail

The Star Sent A Clear Message To The Haters…

Emily makes it known that she is taking no BS, addressing her twitter fans and haters.

Image Source: /Twitter @EmAtack

Emily Atack: Instagram Reality Is Not Reality!

The 30-year-old star – who has recently promoted her upcoming stand up gig Emily Has Left The Chat – reassures fans that ‘Instagram-perfect isolation’ amidst the coronavirus lockdown is not a thing.

Back in April, she revealed:

‘It has been three weeks since I have physically touched another human being. I am isolating alone in the London flat I recently moved into. Like so many, I have been in shock. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with crushing anxiety like I’ve never experienced before. My internal monologue is already knackered.’


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No idea what day it is 🧚‍♀️

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The I’m A Celebrity… Runner Up Admits That There Have Been Good And Bad Days In Isolation

She said:

‘Being alone has always been my number one fear. And yet here I am. In the middle of a pandemic, completely isolated from everyone and everything I know and love.’

Image Source: /Instagram @emilyatackofficial

The actress and comedienne admits she feels guilty when it comes to opening up about her bad days – particularly on social media – in fear of a backlash.

She adds:

‘I am learning it’s OK to feel sad right now, it’s OK to admit you’re a bit alone, and it’s OK to feel s**t. Especially if you suffer with mental health issues. Give yourself a break. Instagram-perfect isolation is not a reality.’

Emily talked about her mental health and quarantine routine of Good Morning Britain, telling Lorraine Kelly that she likes to get ‘glammed up’ to go to the supermarket to lift her spirits, joking that it’s like queuing up for a bar.

‘I’m a very strong person, there’s definitely been some difficult moments being on your own. I’m the least lonely person in the world, surrounded by family and friends in real life.

‘It’s [the pandemic] so awful, we have to look at the positives in life. If we’ve got our health… it’s the most important thing in the world. Everything is so difficult, but if you have your health, friends and family, it’s good.’

Image Source: /Instagram @emilyatackofficial

She Has Written An Article On ‘Isolating When You’re Single’

The star opened up about her fear of being alone and how she, like so many others, were being forced to confront his fear. She wrote in the Grazia:

‘Being alone has always been my number one fear. And yet here I am. In the middle of a pandemic, completely isolated from everyone and everything I know and love, Instagraming myself poaching an egg. Caption: “I am a useless t*sser.”‘

She gave an unabashedly personal and relatable account of her quarantine adventures:

‘I have taken little swipes at an online dating app I’ve rejoined out of sheer boredom. Could a hunky Scandinavian DJ be the answer to my prayers? Probably not.

‘I FaceTime my mum and tell her I miss her (she’s on her own too) – she asks why my eyes are pink. I’m on my phone for hours… Smiling at videos of families home- schooling, I marvel (and cringe) at couples who TikTok together, I howl at the terrible haircuts girls are giving their lads.’


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This time last year being a little bank holiday bastard. Happy Easter weekend everybody!🌞

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After an appearance at the BAFTA awards confirms their relationship, Emily was previously dating film producer Rob Jowers but the two split last year after six months together.

emily atack kisses ex boyfriend rob jowers

Image Source: /The Sun

‘I Feel Scared To Vocalise A Bad Moment…With The Fear Of The Reaction I’ll Receive From Those Who Insist My Life Is Perfect’

She advises fans not to give themselves a hard time for not feeling great and allow themselves to feel sad when they feel sad, saying:

‘If you’re on your own like me, or if you’re not, be kind to yourself. Download a yoga app, then delete it if you want to. Sign up to volunteer if you can. Donate to the charity that has lost their fundraisers for this year. Read a book, have a bath, have a gin (not too early and not too large), watch Titanic for the 107,000th time.’

Image Source: /Instagram @emilyatackofficial

She cheekily adds:

‘…FaceTime someone you fancy… sorry, I mean your family! Order that large Texas BBQ base with stuffed crust… stare at the ceiling if you like. I draw the line at baking banana bread, though. Banana bread can f**k off.’

Sharing A Pic Of Her Colourful Living Room, Emily Pined For Her Pals

She echoed the sentiments of the country, captioning the snap:

‘I’d give anything to have you all over this evening.’


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I’d give anything to have you all over this evening🐣

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The Actress Says The Pub Is Her First Point Of Call After The Pandemic Is Over!

With the pubs across the country being closed during the lockdown, the star joked that she will be first in line when they re-open:

‘I’m going to the nearest pub! Obviously, I should say I want to hug my friends and family, but we can do that in the pub!’


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Bubblin’ bubblin’ 🌞🌞🌞

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As well as the official Emily Atack instagram account, there is also an Emily Atack instagram fan account dedicated to giving daily updates on all things Emily!

The star, along with a host of other celebs, has recently sent out her support for Black Lives Matter; an organised movement dedicated to battling racism and police brutality.

Black Lives Matter protests have since been happening all across the world; ignited by the unlawful death of George Floyd.

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