Demi Jones: Lockdown Drove Me & Luke Apart

By Cara Dudgeon

8th June 2020

Demi Jones has confirmed she and Luke Mabbott have “completely called off” their relationship after lockdown “drove [them] apart”

Image Source/ The Us Post

The 21-year-old star and the 25-year-old heating engineer called time on their romance four months after they finished third on the winter series of Love Island earlier this year, and she admitted there “wasn’t a lot of effort made with communication” when lockdown kicked in.

She told MailOnline:

‘We’ve completely called it off now, I think it was brought about more from his behalf than mine, but we’re mutual and friendly.

‘With lockdown, it drove us apart and we live so far away from each other. I feel like there wasn’t a lot of effort made with communication, so we drifted as a result. It’s a shame and bad timing’.

Demi hoped the heating engineer would ask her to be his girlfriend after the ITV2 show, but it wasn’t to be.

She continued:

‘I had my hopes that he’d ask me once we came out of Love Island but it never really happened. As lockdown went on, little effort was made so it was called off’.

But she admitted there is “no bad blood” between the pair, and she would happily meet up with Luke once the lockdown is over.

She added:

‘I want to see him when this is all over though as there’s no bad blood there, we’ll be fine. Everyone is being kind and supportive’.

It comes after fellow Love Island stars Jess Gale and Ched Uzor confirmed their split last week, admitting it was impossible to “build a relationship” in lockdown.

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