Cheat ITV Drama Cast: Where Have You Seen Them Before?

By Emma Moylan

1st June 2020

Cheat ITV Drama Cast: Where Have You Seen Them Before?

Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor are just a few names in the Cheat ITV drama cast, the psychological thriller which aired last year.

Netflix is all the rage nowadays, with our watch lists growing longer by the minute. But as we are heavily reliant on the media giant, we often overlook the gripping TV series’ that ITV grace us with.

Cheat is a psychological thriller about a university professor who accuses one of her students of plagiarism. But as a twisted relationship evolves between the two women, things soon get very dark as viewers are forced to consider both sides of the story and decide who is telling the truth.

With the opening moments showing that the story will build up to murder, the game of cat and mouse becomes utterly nerve wracking.

Who is in the cast?

Leah Dale (Katherine Kelly)

Star Katherine Kelly plays university professor Dr Leah Dale who accuses her student Rose of cheating. With problems at home with her relationship, she is unable to let the cheating go and continues to pursue Rose. Not wanting her to get away with cheating, Leah goes to extreme measures to expose Rose for what she has done.

You will best know this actress as Becky McDonald in Coronation Street but she has also made appearances in Mr Selfridge, Happy Valley and The Night Manager.

Cheat ITV drama cast

Image Source/The Mirror

Rose Vaughan (Molly Windsor)

Rose is the student that Leah accuses of plagiarism. Being furious with the accusation, Leah creates a plan to implicate Leah in a serious crime.

Actress, Molly Windsor also appears in Three Girls, The Unloved and The Runaways. 

Molly Windsor

Image Source/Wylde

Adam Dale (Tom Goodman-Hill)

Tom Goodman- Hill plays Adam who is Leah’s husband who is also a university professor. He is desperate for a baby and suspects that his wife’s concern over Rose is blown way out of proportion causing plenty of strain at home.

You will recognise the actor from Humans, Mr Selfridge and Dead.

Cheat Tim Goodman Hill

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Angela Shadley (Lorraine Ashbourne)

Angela plays Leah’s mother who is desperate for Leah to drop the feud the Ruth. As Ruth is still within her probation period, Angela worries that the feud will cost her her job.

She acted in Forgotten, Jericho, The Interceptor and Jane Eyre.

Lorraine Ashbourne

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Michael Shadley (Peter Firth)

Michael plays Leah’s father who, contradictory to his wife’s opinions, doesn’t want Leah to back down from her fight with Ruth. He worked at the same university as his daughter and wants to see Rose punished for cheating.

Actor, Peter Firth, has also appeared Victoria, Spooks and Heartbeat.

Peter Firth

Image Source/Teesside Live

Ben Jarvis (Burn Gorman)

Ben Jarvis plays an employee at the university who agrees to get information for Rose after taking a particular liking to her.

Actor, Burn Gorman, has a fair few acting credits to his name and you’ll most likely recognise him from Torchwood, Game of Thrones, Jamestown, Walking With The Enemy and Coronation Street. He is also due to join the cast of The Expanse for their fourth season on amazon Prime.

Burn Gorman

Image Source/IMDB

Amy Frobisher (Lara Rossi)

Amy is a colleague of Leah’s at the university and her best friend and confidante.

In 2018, actress Lara took up the role of Evelyn in the Robin Hood movie. She also appeared in Crossing Lines and Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot.

Lara Rossi

Image Source/Twitter

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