Ben Price: Coronation Street Fans Will Forgive Appearance Changes

By Cara Dudgeon

19th June 2020

Ben Price thinks Coronation Street fans will be “forgiving” about the characters’ appearance changes as filming gets back underway

Image Source/ ITV

The 48-year-old actor – who plays Nick Tilsley on the cobbles – has returned to set after production stopped amid the coronavirus lockdown, and he hopes the audience won’t care about certain continuity errors as so many of them have called for the soap’s return.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning on Thursday (18.06.20), he said:

‘I think the audience will be forgiving. They understand, we’ve all gone through it.

‘It’ll move on into its own reality. The audience have talking to me about how they really wanted Coronation Street to come back, and it’s important’.

Ben was one of the last actors on the set before the coronavirus stopped filming, and is now ready to finish filming the episode he was working on prior to lockdown.

But he is guilty of giving himself a “home haircut” during quarantine and admits the scenes will look odd at first due to his new ‘do.

He explained:

We were the last ones there. We were right in the middle of an episode. We finished three months ago and then picked back up mid episode three months later.

‘I’ve had the home haircut, which went pretty badly. There’s no makeup, you have to do your own makeup. The girls have to do their own. The boys have to do their own. Costumes left for you, and now you have to maintain a look you can maintain yourself’.

Meanwhile, Ben has recently commended Coronation Street for its “very safe” filming return.

Though the actors have had to social distance during filming, Ben admitted everything has been done “meticulously” to put the cast and crew at ease.

He said:

‘Day one on Coronation Street, it’s fantastic. Very safe, everything has been meticulously done, but we did really well.

‘It was really lovely to say some lines, really lovely to see Jane, really lovely to get back in the story and see everyone. And to do what we do best – make the show.

‘I think, initially, for the first five minutes you’ve got to be careful of your distance and whatever, but once you get into that, the actual bare bones of doing the scenes, it felt like we hadn’t really been away’.

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