Anna Richardson's Vicar Dad Loves Naked Attraction

By Cara Dudgeon

1st June 2020

Anna Richardson’s vicar dad is a huge fan of Naked Attraction

Image Source/ PinkNews

The 49-year-old TV presenter has hosted the Channel 4 dating game show since 2016, and she’s revealed her dad is an unlikely fan of the programme.

Anna confessed:

‘My parents love it – my dad’s a vicar and my mum is an RE teacher, so there you go!’

Anna thinks she has a rebellious side to her personality, given her upbringing.

In an interview with Simon Gross for Get Gossy with Grossy, she said:

‘I guess I rebelled. I wanted to learn fast about life. Being an only child I wanted to learn about sex et cetera et cetera’.

Anna also hosts The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft on Channel 4 alongside Keith Lemon.

However, she’s something of an unlikely candidate for the job, having been thrown out of her A-level art class for being “destructive”.

She explained:

‘I studied A-level art at school but was never very good at it. I actually was chucked out for being destructive but when I got the call about the show, I just knew it was a show I wanted do.

‘We filmed it last October so the timing is perfect as people are in lockdown and are keen to be inventive and use their hands’.

Meanwhile, Keith recently likened the show to stepping inside “Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory”.

The comedy star – whose real name is Leigh Francis – said:

‘It’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but there’s no chocolate. In fact the only brown stuff is brown cardboard, amongst a rainbow of other colourful materials.

‘Fur, felt, spray paints, Acrylics, ribbons, fabrics. Everything you need to make your imagination create whatever you have the skills to build, paint or draw. Wow that sounds good doesn’t it!

‘It’s a lovely joyful place you probably wouldn’t expect to find me in, but I loved it!’

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