Amazon Prime Movies: What You Should Never Miss

By Tharmini Kenas

15th June 2020

Amazon Prime Movies: What You Shouldn’t Miss 

Even though the lockdown restrictions are being eased, cinemas and theatres are not going to reopen any time soon due to social distancing measures. Just like face masks, streaming services have become part of the new normal. 

From TV shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max, to name a few, British households must have gone through the list of movies to find what’s good and what’s interesting. 

Well, we have done the research for you and here are what you should never miss on Amazon Prime Video! Get ready for more movie nights this week. 

Manchester By The Sea


Grief is the theme of the movie and rightfully, it is a tear-jerker. Revolving around a man who had to take care of his nephew after his brother died, the story opens up old wounds and a terrible past. Casey Affleck, the star of the movie gave an outstanding performance that captured the hearts of audiences. 

In fact, he won Best Actor at the 89th Academy Awards. Some of the movie’s nominations were Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Screenplay (which it won!). 

Fun Fact: Manchester by The Sea is the first movie released by digital streaming service to be nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Picture! 

If you are still on the fence about watching this movie, take a look at the reviews and be sure to hit play later! 

According to Peter Travers of Rolling Stone

“It’s hardly an accident that Manchester by the Sea ranks with the year’s very best films. It takes a piece out of you.”

Phil De Semlyen of Empire said, 

“Masterfully told and beautifully acted, Manchester By The Sea is a shattering yet graceful elegy of loss and grief.”

Meanwhile, Vulture’s David Edelstein comments,

“Affleck proves he can convey suffering as well as any actor alive. His trebly voice is cracked with pain. He comes with his own chill fog.”

The Report

Amazon Prime Movies

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The list is never-ending as more movies, TV shows and documentaries come on board. Some movies that you should watch right after watching the movies we listed above are The Report starring Adam Driver and revolves around an investigation of the CIA’s use of torture following the September 11 attacks. 


On a lighter note, Rocketman is a musical fantasy that details the real-life story of Elton John, and his great performances. The journey of the small-town boy who marched his way to stardom will leave you in a good mood! 

Not to mention, open your eyes to the thrilling life true rock star Elton John lived throughout his career!

The Big Sick


Set in the United States, The Big Sick is all about the real-life love story of Pakistan-born Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon who happen to be the writers of the movie as well. Kumail plays Kumail himself while Zoe Kazan plays Emily. 

Kumail struggles to make a living as a stand-up comedian while Emily’s a grad student and the two slowly get into a relationship. Sadly, cultural differences force them to part ways. But, Kumail somehow ends up looking after Emily after she is admitted to the hospital for a mysterious sickness. 

He forms a bond with Emily’s parents while they wait for her to wake up from an induced coma. Things got worse before they get better for Emily. However, the two do not get back together after Emily wakes up from the coma. You will have to watch the movie to find out what happens! 

Amazingly, here’s another reason why you should never miss this movie on Amazon Prime Movies list. It was nominated for Best Original Screenplay for the Oscars in 2018! 

Moreover, it also won the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2018 for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture and Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role. 

Escape From Alcatraz 


An apt quote from the crime thriller Escape From Alcatraz will give you just the right reason to watch this movie as soon as you can. 

“Alcatraz was built to keep all the rotten eggs in one basket, and I was specially chosen to make sure that the stink from the basket does not escape. Since I’ve been warden, a few people have tried to escape. 

“Most of them have been recaptured; those that haven’t have been killed or drowned in the bay. No one has ever escaped from Alcatraz. And no one ever will.”

Clint Eastwood playing Frank Morris makes an attempt to escape from the very prison mentioned above. Frank Morris succeeds in his plans with a mastermind plan and two other inmates. But, all three of them are never heard of again. 

Don Siegel directed the movie based on the book written by J. Campbell Bruce. Apart from Clint Eastwood, other actors include Patrick McGoohan, Roberts Blossom and Jack Thibeau. 

Get ready to bite your nails as you watch the unravelling of one of the most thrilling mastermind plans you will ever witness! 

One Child Nation


Chinese-born documentary filmmakers Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang bring a devastating issue to the screen through One Child Nation. China’s One-Child Policy which was implemented from 1979 to 2015 has more to it than what meets the eye. 

Awarded the U.S Grand Jury Prize: Documentary Award in 2019, the film explores issues that rose from the policy such as abandonment of babies, dangerous abortions, forced adoptions, human trafficking and social stigma. 

According to Nanfu Wang, 

“I think the first step of any change comes from the people who live in China. And that’s why I think the most important impact I hope that documentaries would have is to change people’s perception. Because personally, I experienced how I have learned so much, and unlearned so much, about what I was taught growing up about China. 

“And I hope my documentaries could serve that purpose: to make the Chinese know the truth of what happened.”

Roman Holiday


Next up on the Amazon Prime Movies list that you should never miss is Roman Holiday which was set entirely in Rome, just like the name suggests. Audrey Hepburn plays Princess Ann and is determined to see Rome on her own. Her co-star Gregory Peck plays a reporter in the movie. 

Fascinatingly, the movie won numerous awards and accolades including three Academy Awards!  However, there are a few interesting things that make the movie all the more special and would make you want to watch it right away! 

Amazon Prime Movies

Image Source/Britannica

This is the movie that introduced the shining star that is Audrey Hepburn to the world. Amazingly, Audrey won the Oscars for her performance in the movie. Her co-star Gregory immediately identified her talent and insisted that her name should appear with his name above the title. This is what he said: 

“Oh, yes I can. And if I don’t, I’m going to make a fool out of myself, because this girl is going to win the Oscar in her very first performance.”

More interestingly, Audrey shed real tears during the farewell scene in the movie after director William Wyler yelled at her! Apparently, she had trouble crying! 

Fun Fact: Audrey Hepburn wore a $131, 292 dress to receive her Oscars!  


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