QUIZ: Pick Or Pass On 70s Heart Throbs And We'll Reveal Your Dream Man

By Daily Feed

1st June 2020

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Welcome to Daily Feed: one of the internet’s leading providers of top-quality news and entertainment.

Calling all film fanatics, entertainment enthusiasts and anagram addicts, when it comes to our quizzes, there’s something for everyone. Boasting hundreds of quizzes to keep you entertained, we’ve come up with tonnes of new, exciting ways to test your knowledge on a range of subjects, including film, sport and celebrities.

But knowledge trivia isn’t all we’re offering you – we’re taking quizzing to a whole new level and making each quiz about YOU! As well as being able to test your film knowledge, we can help you discover what type of person you are, explore your positive traits and uncover your not-so-good traits…

So, whether you’re looking to test your film trivia knowledge, wanting to discover some home truths about your personality or hoping to see where you land on the psychopathic scale…we’ve got you covered.

We’ll introduce you to a host of fun, entertaining and interesting quizzes you’ll love to binge, keeping your brain active and your mind stimulated!

Once you get started you certainly won’t want to stop until you’ve determined whether you really are a psychopath or not…

Sold? We thought so. Here’s a brief summary of the quiz categories you might be interested in…

Personality Quizzes

Are you ready to explore more about yourself? To discover what type of personality you have and to find out your flaws?

Well, with our extensive range of personality quizzes, we’re encouraging you to dig deep by helping you to discover what kind of person you really are. With an extensive range of multiple choice questions aimed at uncovering the ‘real’ you, we’ll determine your personality type, explore your best traits and reveal you’re worst habits too (but be warned, it might not always be what you want to hear)…

The Ones Where We Tell You About Yourself…

Here at Daily Feed, our quizzes are expertly designed to be able to read your mind, predict your future and tell you things you didn’t even know about yourself. Don’t believe us? See for yourself…

For example, we can tell you how much money you’re going to have in the future based on a series of questions; we’ll tell you if you’re going to become a millionaire, maybe even a billionaire?

Of course, as good as we are at mind reading, our knowledge HAS to be based on something, so we’ll ask you a range of questions based on your finances: whether you have credit cards debt, if you’ve ever done a credit check, taken out a personal loan, what you’re like at personal banking, your take on  Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin – you get the picture, right?

What would a quizzing platform be without food and drink tests? From determining whether you’re a Nando’s or a McDonald’s kind of person to finding your perfect hangover cure, we’ve got a range of quizzes aimed at you foodies…


Love celebs? Who doesn’t?!

We’re testing you on all things showbiz, from Bill Gates to Katie Price, it’s time to start brushing up on your favourite A-lister’s lives…


Can you guess the celebrity from the blurred image? Can you tell if it’s a picture of a girl in a dress, a fitness bike or a man holding ten dollars? Answer questions on specific images of random things, celebs, signs or even optical illusions. Sounds fun, right?

Love and Relationships

Is your partner cheating on you? It’s time to find out…

These quizzes are designed to test your relationships and friendships. Whilst we can match you up with your perfect partner, we can also provide you with a few home truths.

How Do I Get My Results?

Our quizzes are calculated in two different ways: a point score and a percentage. Our trivia quizzes will provide you with a specific score so you can see how well you’ve done. Whilst our personality style quizzes will let you know which category you fall into based on your answers.

Good luck!

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