The Best Argos Garden Lights For Hot Summer Nights

By Sam Pointon

22nd May 2020

The Best Argos Garden Lights For Hot Summer Nights

Let us paint you a familiar happy scene. The family BBQ has been eaten and it’s still smouldering away in the background. The sun is going down but you’re not ready to head inside just yet. That’s where Argos garden lights come in!

Whether you’re looking for security, decoration or a bit of both, we’ve picked the best Argos garden lights to brighten up your garden this summer.

Argos Home Solar Wall Light – £10

Argos garden lights Home Solar Wall Light
Image Source/Argos

A reliable and traditional design, this classic home solar wall light is perfect for either your front or back garden. Easy to attach to the wall, it provides a handy bit of brightness wherever you need it. It also runs on batteries, so no fiddly wiring required! The bulb and batteries are included, so no additional shopping needed.

Argos Home 200 White LED Solar String Lights – £20

Argos Home 200 White LED Solar String Lights
Image Source/Argos

Make the summer lights last a little longer with these garden string lights.They’re solar powered too, so just find a sunny spot to charge them up during the day and let them do the rest of the work at night. These Argos garden lights create a warm and romantic atmosphere especially when wrapped around a garden tree or stylish gazebo pole. Perhaps snake them through some shrubbery for subtle low-level lighting.

Smartwares LED Outdoor Floor Light – £60

Smartwares LED Outdoor Floor Light
Image Source/Argos

This sophisticated and weather resistant aluminium floor light will help add a touch of elegance to your garden this summer. Its sturdy base means it can comfortably sit in a garden bed or along a path and perfectly light the way. The integrated LED means this lantern is both energy efficient and incredibly long-lasting. It has an easy, standard 3-wire connection and is weather resistant, so no need to worry about stormy summer nights.

Philips Hue Welcome LED Floodlight – £119.99

Philips Hue Welcome LED Floodlight
Image Source/Argos

Security has never been more stylish. This sleek LED floodlight comes with so many brilliant features, including having the lights mimic your presence when you’re away. You can even control the lights with your voice! You can easily find the route to your driveway, pathway, front or back door with this wide-reaching, yet non-invasive, bright garden light.

Argos Home 20 Colour Changing Butterfly Solar String Lights – £20.00

Argos garden lights Butterfly Solar String
Image Source/Argos

We just love these fun and funky Argos garden lights. Cute colour changing butterfly lights make for a fabulous way brighten up the evenings. They’re solar too, so good for the environment and no wires or batteries to mess around with. Simply select the perfect spot for these playful lights and watch the garden come alive with colour changing butterflies!

Argos Home Solar Dancing Flame Torch – £24.00

Argos Home Solar Dancing Flame Torch
Image Source/Argos

Keep it natural with your garden lighting with these rustic solar lights. The flame torch design of these solar lamps means they will fit snugly into the undergrowth, or light the way through your garden without being too artificial. Spending an evening relaxing on a garden bench with a drink in hand and watching these dancing flame torch lights makes for the perfect summer evening.

Argos Home Solar LED Wicker Heart Light – £17.00

Argos garden lights Home Solar LED Wicker Heart Light
Image Source/Argos


Easy to set up and fits in with any type of garden, this hanging heart light is the perfect all-rounder. Pop it on your wall, fence or even hang it from a hedge, wherever there’s sun and let solar power do the rest. No wiring or batteries required with these rustic Argos garden lights!

Argos Home Set of 6 Crackle Glass Colour Change Solar Lights – £20.00

Argos Home Set of 6 Crackle Glass Colour Change Solar Lights
Image Source/Argos

Keep it colourful with these fun colour changing garden lights. Just pop them into the ground in a sunny spot and create a ravishing rainbow effect down your garden path, driveway or even your front step plant pots! These beautiful bright solar lights will fit in perfectly with any of your garden accessories and decor. Plus, these amazing Argos garden lights are made of robust stainless steel and glass, so they can shine whatever the weather.

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