Shelby: TOWIE & Ditching The Filler

By Amelia Slater

19th May 2020

Shelby: TOWIE & Ditching The Filler

Find out everything you want to know to know about Shelby! TOWIE, age and the decision to start saying no to cosmetic surgery..

Former The Only Way Is Essex star and ex-girlfriend of Pete Wicks, Shelby Tribble appeared on the reality series for a year back in 2018.

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The 27-year-old TV star, who has now left the series, went on to brandish her fellow stars as ‘fake as f*ck’.

The Former TOWIE Star Was Once Involved With Pete Wicks

Over the course of eight months, Shelby dated TOWIE bad boy Pete Wicks but they called time on their relationship after a number of turbulent rows. Shelby was said to have always felt like a rebound from Pete’s relationship with Megan McKenna.

A source said:

‘After filming emotional scenes for the show Shelby hoped to hear from Pete but he didn’t get in touch with her then either.

‘She found out about texts he sent another girl shortly after they started dating but loved him enough to let it slide. But she couldn’t cope with feeling like a rebound following his time with Megan, and friends of theirs saying she was too boring for him, so ended it for good.’

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Shelby TOWIE: She Went On To Become Engaged To TOWIE’s Sam Mucklow…Albeit After A Rocky Start!

Shelby and Sam didn’t get off to the best start with a row that ended with the brunette beauty infamously – and very publicly – chucking her drink into Sam’s face and him branding her a ‘sl*g’.

The pair decided to give things another go and after being together for a year, recently got engaged.

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TOWIE’s Shelby Tribble And Sam Mucklow Are Now Engaged

The couple have both since put the reality show behind them to ‘focus on their relationship’. Sam announced to Twitter followers late last year that he was leaving the TOWIE team after ‘contemplating it for some time’.

He wrote:

‘GOODBYE TOWIE! I made the decision to leave Towie. It was something I have been contemplating for some time and I finally had to make a decision about what I wanted to do.

‘After the away trip in Spain I took a few weeks off of filming to try and get back on top of my work that I had let slide away from me. Juggling filming 3 days a week and trying to manage my various work commitments it was no longer feasible for me to continue on the show.’

Sam Quit To Continue ‘Fairytale Away From The Pressure And Anxiety Of The Show’


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The smile says it all ❀️

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He added:

‘After having long discussion with various people at the Towie production company we made the mutual decision that it would be best for me to leave the show.

‘Me and @shelbytribble have never been happier and we are continuing our little fairytale away from the pressure and anxiety from the show. I really feel I have made the right decision to focus on the things that are truly important to me!

‘I wish everyone the best of luck cast and crew βœŒοΈπŸ™ I have been extremely lucky to be part of such an amazing show! It’s been a short but eventful part of my life and I will be putting it down to a life experience with no regrets.

‘I’m walking away with a smile on my face and a beautiful girl on my arm πŸ₯° Thank you everyone at @towie @limepicturestv & @itvbe ✌️.’

Shelby’s Cosmetic Surgery Has Drawn Attention In The Past

The star admitted that she had been the victim of cruel bullying when she was growing up, saying that girls teased her about her ‘moles’ and ‘flat chest’.

She told The Sun:

‘I was an easy target, wouldn’t stand up for myself and bullies play on that weakness.

‘Someone hit me once and I’d found out in the end that my groups of friends had egged her on to do it. I would cry to my mum constantly… even now, as an adult, it’s affected me.’

Insecurity in her looks drove Shelby to invest in a boob job, Botox and lip fillers.

shelby towie surgery

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Shelby Started Having Surgery When She Was 22

With comments about her appearance at school affecting her, the star has opened up about her previous body insecurities, saying that felt that she wasn’t ‘good enough’ which led her to consider surgery.

She said:

‘Being flat chested used to really bother me β€” as a teenager I used to put fillers in my bra. I wanted a boob job for a long time but I also knew that I needed to wait to see if my body would grow.

‘Then obviously I hit 21 and when it still hadn’t happened, I made the decision. But I did my research and consulted lots of doctors. And my implants were put under the muscle for more of a natural look.’


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The Reality Star Won Miss Great Britain In 2014

Before she went on to appear in TOWIE, Shelby Tribble was a beauty queen, having been crowned Miss Great Britain back in 2014.


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Shelby Said She Felt Under Pressure To Get Lip Filler At 24 Years Old

She said:

‘I used to look at my lips and think I wanted them bigger. It felt like everyone was doing it β€” there were people I know who had had it done for years.

‘I waited, and gave myself time to really think ‘is this something I want to do?’ I got recommendations from people, seeing what other girls maybe had had done and what I liked and obviously I went to a proper doctor.’

The Beauty Debuted A More Natural Look Late Last Year

With Shelby’s TOWIE days behind her, the star decided to trade her Essex girl look for a more natural beauty regime after getting her lip fillers dissolved.

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Since then, the reality star says she has been overwhelmed with compliments from fans who are loving her going au naturale.

She said:

‘I’ve had so many compliments from fans that I feel like my head is going to pop. It made me realise I don’t need the filler back in.’

Shelby has since become an advocate for discouraging surgery, urging people to ‘think twice’ before going under the knife.


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‘I’ve had non-stop praise, people telling me I look beautiful’

The star says that boyfriend Sam Mucklow loves her new look and that she has received so many positive messages.

She said:

‘I’ve had non-stop praise, people telling me I look beautiful.

‘I’ve had messages from girls saying they had filler as they thought it would make them feel more confident. Now I’ve inspired them to realise they don’t need it anymore.’


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Smile at someone you love ❀️ @shelbytribble & I wish everyone the best in this difficult time πŸ™

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