Satine Anais Geraldine Macht: Suits’ Harvey’s Real-Life Daughter

By Tharmini Kenas

7th May 2020

Satine Anais Geraldine Macht: Suits’ Harvey’s Real-Life Daughter

She appeared in Suits for an episode, yet Satine Anais Geraldine Macht left quite an impression among the audience. 

With parents who are remarkable actors, Satine’s effortless acting proves that she is in for a bright future in the acting industry. 

More about actor Gabriel Macht and actress Jacinda Barrett’s daughter Satine Anais Geraldine Macht, her adorable shenanigans and her proud parents. 

Who Is Satine Anais Geraldine Macht? 

Satine Anais Geraldine Macht

Image Source/Zimbio

Satine was born on 20 August 2007 in Los Angeles and that makes her 13 years old this year. She has a 6-year-old brother named Luca and apparently, they have a tight relationship.

Interestingly, Satine travels a lot and has racked up quite impressive miles over the years. 

According to Gabriel, she has been on over 500 planes and is an amazing traveller. 

Looks Like Satine Anais Geraldine Macht Is Following Her Father’s Footsteps In The World Of Acting…

Satine Anais Geraldine Macht

Image Source/Suits Wiki-Fandom

Apparently, Gabriel won his first award when he was just eight years old for his acting in Why Would I Lie

Satine made an appearance in Suits for the episode Blind-Sided as Olivia, Zoe Lawford’s cousin. 

Fun Fact: Satine acted with Harvey Specter played by her real-life father Gabriel Macht and Zoe Lawford played by her real-life mother Jacinda Barrett. 

Funnily, Olivia schooled Harvey in a scene where he visits Zoe. She advised him that he should bring flowers when he goes on a date.

She even started liking him towards the end of the scene, as she asked Zoe to send him to kiss her goodnight. 

We Bet Her Parents Are Going To Be Great Mentors To Her Just Like Gabriel’s Father Had Been To Him…


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Gabriel’s father, Stephen Macht had played the role of his on-screen dad in Suits and has been his mentor and role model. 

“I think that growing up, my father mentored me in many ways. I was able to learn from his successes and failures, and what better way to grow than to learn by both winning and losing. 

“He was able to bestow his wisdom on me by ‘doing’. I have learned so much by being in his presence.”

Apart from Gabriel’s own father, wife and daughter, other casts in Suits include Sarah Rafferty who played Donna Paulsen, Meghan Markle who played Rachel Zane, and Patrick J. Adams who played Mike Ross, to name a few. 

Satine Is A Daughter Her Father Is Proud Of…


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Satine Anais Geraldine Macht is doing a great job growing into a wonderful human being and her father is definitely happy and proud about it. 

“To produce a human person that has an incredible sensitivity. Just a little being who’s empathic and who’s exploring everything and is kind and is motivated and strong and stubborn – all these things. 

“I hate to label her because she’s a billion things more than that. But to produce a child that’s going to be good for humanity, that’s what I’m more proud of. And becoming a father is enormous.”

Satine Adores Her Little Brother… 


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Now, sisters and brothers come with a lot of dynamics. Honestly, cultivating a healthy relationship can be a little tricky for parents. However, Satine took things into her own hands as she adores her brother. 

According to Gabriel, Satine is fascinated with her brother Luca and consider him as her best friend. 

Amazingly, the brother and sister have never been in a fight. Luca is also equally fond of his sister and they have been getting along well. 

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