Remember Charlie And The Chocolate Factory? This Is What The Cast Looks Like Now! (Original)

We all have our favourite chocolate bars…Whether it’s Galaxy, Dairy Milk Milka (or something completely different), we just can’t help but have a favourite brand.

Now imagine you won a golden ticket that took you on a magical tour of your favourite chocolate factory (it’s basically Cadbury’s World).

This was a reality for 5 lucky children who ended up on Willy Wonka’s infamous chocolate tour. Yes, it’s the one and only Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

It’s hard to believe that the film came out in 2005 – where have the past 13 years gone? It’s safe to say that the children are, well, no longer small and that the cast has gone on to amazing things!

With that being said, here is what the cast are up to now – (side note: eating this with a bar of your favourite chocolate is highly recommended)

The legend that is Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Joe was one of Charlie’s four bedridden grandparents. He was stubborn, senile and usually paranoid. But that didn’t stop him from being kind and grandfatherly when he wanted to be.

1) Grandpa Joe

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Grandpa Joe was responsible for reading Charlie the story of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. He’s basically the guy who started it all!

David Kelly played Grandpa Joe, and has since gone on to star in films such as Stardust and Who’s Your Caddy?

David Kelly

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Unfortunately, David Kelly passed away in 2012 at the grand old age of 82. He sure did have a successful career!

Remember the Jolly Woman? The woman who despite being jolly ALL the time still managed to look a little creepy?

2) Jolly Woman

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She always appeared to be just a little too friendly and slightly patronising. There’s always one, though!

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