Maeva, Made In Chelsea's Newbie: Everything You Need To Know

By Caitlin Tweddle

4th May 2020

Maeva, Made In Chelsea’s Newbie: Everything You Need To Know

Made In Chelsea‘s cast member Maeva D’Ascanio joined in 2019. But who is the French beauty, and why has she left the show after only filming one series?

maeva made in chelsea

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Where Is She From?

The young beauty grew up in Paris France. Her gorgeous brown locks, piercing blue eyes, and seductive French accent make her all so alluring. She practically oozes Parisian style.

She later moved to Chelsea, London of course. But Maeva still travels to France frequently, as her family are still based there.

What Does She Do?

Maeva made her Made in Chelsea debut in 2019. She filmed one series with the cast, but it seems that she will not be making an appearance in Series 19, which is currently airing on E4.

The Made in Chelsea stars are well known for their wealth, and Maeva is no different. She makes a lot of her earnings from being a brand ambassador and influencer on Instagram. She has over 70 thousand followers on her Instagram so her messages most definitely reach a lot of people.

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Some of the brands she has worked with include Ann Summers, Nutribuddy, and Hollybrowzer. Her sensational looks have most definitely put a considerable amount of money into her bank account!

What Happened With Ex-Boyfriend Miles?

During last year’s series of Made In Chelsea, Maeva had an incredibly turbulent relationship with fellow star Miles Nazaire. Having split up two and a half years prior to filming the show, it was clear that Miles and Maeva still had strong feelings for one another and it quickly become a key plot point throughout the series.

They did not shy away from the dramatics, and at one point Miss D’Asaneo even threw her drink into Miles’ face. They broke up due to trust issues, with Maeva believing the couple were exclusive yet Miles had slept with other girls at the same time.

During filming, the couple hoped to be friends but then Maeva revealed that she and Miles’ best friend James Taylor, had kissed (though they had really slept together).

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A love triangle ensued with mind games from both Miles and Maeva occurring.

Maeva is not one to hide her feelings. At several points during season 18, she had vocal disagreements with other cast members. Many other stars believed that Maeva was a strong “game-player” and very “rude”.

The pair ended the series happy for one another and able to maintain a civil relationship. Maeva and James officially became a couple, and Miles claimed that he did not have any strong feelings of love or anger towards this new pairing any longer.

Why Did She Leave Made In Chelsea?

It was revealed earlier this year that Maeva and James would not be in the new series of Made in Chelsea. The couple had gone to spend some time in France, and decided to stay for a ski season together.

Maeva Made In Chelsea

Image Source/Daily Mail

Ex-boyfriend Miles Nazaire is still in the show alongside the likes of Sam Thompson, Jamie Lang, and Louise Thompson.

He told the Daily Star that he was happy about Maeva’s decision to stop filming for the show. He said:

It makes me happy that I can live my life and not have drama with them, that was a big thing for me last season, it was a constant battle.

For me now, I said to myself I don’t need them in my life anymore, I really don’t.”

Miles found out about this decision when new cast member Harvey Armstrong received a text message from James. Harvey told Miles that the couple were having “such a good time together” and that James was “in love”.

After the incredibly dramatic love triangle last year, it seems Miles is ready to move on. The current series shows the young beau with new love interest Tiffany Watson. Let’s hope Maeva does actually stay away and let him move on in peace!

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