Lewis Capaldi Family: Siblings And Secret Heartbreak

By Lucy Cooper

22nd May 2020

Lewis Capaldi Family: Siblings And Secret Heartbreak

Lewis Capaldi family life is one thing that hasn’t been altered by his fame- which is what keeps him so grounded. Here’s a look in to his family life…

His modest, light-hearted response to his immense success- which we get an insight to on his social media-  is what’s made us all fall head over heels for him.

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Lewis Capaldi Family: Siblings

Capaldi and his siblings came from a decent, very normal Scottish family, growing up in a modest house on a Glasgow housing estate.

Twenty three year old Lewis isn’t the only one of his siblings who are in the spotlight- his older brother Anthony is an actor, starring on BBC Scotland.

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The 25-year-old aspiring actor landed his first short film back in January, in a very fittingly named Scottish drama ‘Haggis’, inspired by Burns Night.

He told the Glasgow Times:

“It didn’t feel real when I was doing it but it is actually going on TV so it has kind of hit me the past few days. I am absolutely buzzing.”

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On the other hand, their sister lives a much more subdued life as a midwife, while their older brother Warren is also a musician. What a talented family!

Lewis is still as close to his family as ever, so much so he still lives at home with his Mum and Dad. He might be a worldwide superstar now, able to afford to live anywhere in the world, yet he still chooses his family home!

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This is the kind of thing people love about him- still living with his parents and remaining very much grounded, despite his life being flipped upside down by fame.

Lewis Capaldi Family: Peter Capaldi Actually Isn’t His Dad

They might share the same last name, and the Scottish accent, but Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi didn’t help bring Lewis in to the world.

He is, however, still related to him; they’re actually second cousins once removed:

“My dad and my aunties told me we were related to Peter a while ago, I think he’s my dad’s second cousin.”

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He talked of their reunion:

“He came backstage after a show to say hello and we had a great chat. We talked a bit about the family connection and he said he really liked the music, so that was really nice of him. He’s a really cool guy. It’s a big inspiration to have someone who’s so successful in the family.”

Lewis Capaldi Family Tragedy

Capaldi’s music is known for pulling on the heartstrings, telling relatable stories of love and heartbreak, usually about his Love Island winner ex, Paige Turley.

Lewis’ newest hit, which made it to number one,  ‘Before You Go’ tells the heartbreaking story of his Auntie’s suicide.

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Not What You Think

The 23-year-old singer reflected on the aftermath of his family blaming themselves, including himself. The Scottish artist was only young when the tragedy took place, but of course the event has impacted him in to adulthood.

Capaldi explains the premise of his song ‘Before You Go’:

“The song’s kind of, it comes from a place of … it’s about suicide and it’s about not necessarily the act of it itself obviously, but people after it happens, the aftermath of it and people blaming themselves or starting to think, what could I have done to help that person?”

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Channeling His Emotion

He recalled the tragic memory:

“When I was about five or six I think, my aunt committed suicide and just remember recently speaking to my mum about their feelings, her feelings about going through that sort of rigmarole in your head of, ‘What could I have done here? Could I have done anything?’ Sort of thing.

The Scottish singer channeled his emotion in to one of his biggest hits:

“Seriously one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written. this song means a lot to me, but it will mean even more if it becomes successful.”


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The majority of people when they heard it, just presumed it was about heartbreak by default- given that heartbreak hits is what Capaldi has made a name from, after his biggest song ‘Someone You Loved’.

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