Kirsty Rowley Age, Marriage and Divorce with Jeremy Kyle

By Amy Williams

16th May 2020

Kirsty Rowley Age, Marriage and Divorce with Jeremy Kyle

Let’s start off talking about Jeremy Kyle’s first wife, Kirsty Rowley, and their short 15 months of marriage together as well as Kirsty Rowley’s age.

We all know Jeremy Kyle from being on our TV screens as the  chat show host on The Jeremy Kyle Show. That was the programme where he would boast his expertise on love and relationships to save couple’s breakups and change them for the better. After that’s been axed, what we all want to know is: what has his own love life been like over the years?

So what was Kirsty Rowley’s Age when she met Jeremy Kyle?

The pair met in 1988 when the TV host was 22 and working as a recruitment consultant in Bristol. Kirsty Rowley’s age was 20 years and she was working as a secretary at the time. It wasn’t long until Jezza popped the question, and they got married in July 1989 in a village just outside of Bristol called Almondsbury.

Kirsty Rowley age on their wedding day in the 90s.
Image Source/ Sunday Mirror

And what happened next?

At first, it seemed like a whirl-wind romance as both Kirsty and Jeremy fell in love, got engaged, were married, and had a child within a year or two. It must have been love at first sight, surely…

After the two were married, they had their daughter, Harriet Kyle ,who is now 29 years. At the time, Kirsty Rowley’s age was her early twenties and shortly after the birth of their daughter, the pair were divorced.

Harriet was born in 1990 and it was the same year that Kirsty and Jeremy decided to end the relationship.

Jeremy Kyle and Daughter Kirsty Rowley
Source/ OK! Magazine

What Happened when Kirsty Rowley divorced Jeremy Kyle?

Kirsty Rowley’s age at divorce wasn’t much older than her age at marriage, because it quickly went down hill after a series of scandalous acts from the TV host. She has spoke out about him being a gambling addict and how he run up £4,500 debt without her knowing at the time.

“If he had been a normal presenter I would have been able to carry on with my life,” she said.

“Instead he talks about driving through the dark to see his daughter and the breakdown of our marriage. I wish he wouldn’t bring us up. He has no right to after what he put me through.

“He seemed incapable of telling the truth about anything from the most trivial day-to-day things to more important issues. Jeremy was a gambling addict and what startles me is the hardline approach he takes with the people who appear on his show. It angers me that he can put himself in the position of, in his own words, a “TV God”.

Kirsty has also talked about his lies and manipulation around his health. Although Jeremy has battled testicular cancer more recently, at the time of marriage with Kirsty, he had reportedly lied about it.

It looks like the pair are definitely better off apart…

So which way did Jeremy’s love life go now?

 After his divorce with Kirsty Rowley, he then had after 13 years of marriage with Carla Germaine until that came to an end, too. Mr Kyle now has another child with his current fiancée Vicky Burton after they got engaged in 2018 in the Grenadines Islands.

Kirsty Rowley’s age is similar to Jeremy’s, but his new romance is much younger. Vicky Burton is in her thirties, and was also the nanny to Jeremy and Carla’s three children who are Henry, Ava and Alice.

Chat show host Jeremy Kyle walking alongside fiancé Vicky Burton
Image Source/The Sun

Jeremy Kyle Show Axed

Whilst we were all taking advice  on relationships from Jeremy Kyle himself, it seems that he probably wasn’t talking from experience. Whether he was helping couples successfully or not, the show was axed last year when Kirsty Rowley’s age was over 50 meaning it was almost 30 years after their divorce. Kirsty didn’t have the best opinion of him on the show as she has once made a comment about how he could benefit on being on there himself…

“The man I married wouldn’t have been out of place as a guest on his own show. The programme is crass and embarrassing, and for Jeremy to act like some kind of agony uncle is sheer hypocrisy.

“He is asking for trouble. He has a history of gambling and all that goes with it, the lies, the deceit. His whole life back then was a big lie. I just wish I had been able to give him one of his own lie-detector tests. It’s not like he’s been the victim. That was me. My marriage to him was an extremely unhappy period of my life and one which I am not allowed to forget.”

Source/The Sun – Youtube

That’s not the end of him on our screens though, as his manager Claire Powell shared an instagram post which hinted he would be back as a presenter soon.

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So pleased to welcome the very talented and very real … Jeremy Kyle exclusively to @the_can_group For 14 years, Jeremy Kyle dominated Daytime TV with his hugely successful eponymous talk show. He’s also proved a hit in prime time, fronting five successful series of his investigative current affairs brand, The Kyle Files.. Jeremy’s runaway UK success was the catalyst for two syndicated US series as well as stints presenting two other ITV juggernauts, This Morning and Good Morning Britain. Jeremy first came to prominence as a Sony Award-winning radio host who changed the game at BRMB, Virgin Radio, Capital FM, talkSPORT and talkRADIO. Known for his honest, engaging opinions, Jeremy has also authored numerous columns for The Sun and a bestselling book for Hodder & Stoughton. A committed father and family man, he’s also a cancer survivor who has miraculously just welcomed a new son (and grandson!) into the world. And after a year spent battling the unimaginable consequences of a devastating tragedy, Jeremy Kyle will be back soon to have his say: WATCH THIS SPACE!

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So, I think it’s safe to say that behind the scenes of The Jeremy Kyle Show, we probably weren’t getting advice from the right guy after finding out about his record of  relationships. Especially after what has been said by his first wife Kirsty Rowley…

Kirsty Rowley’s Age Now

After years being out of the lime light and divorced from Jeremy Kyle, Kirsty Rowley’s age is now over 50 and she is happily remarried. To say Kirsty Rowley’s age was 20 when she first met Jeremy, it’s been a while since they’ve had any evolvement, but now their daughter has now given birth to a baby girl called Isla.

It looks like Jeremy’s love life had a bit of hectic drama throughout the years, but we wish him and Vicky all the best for the future; third time lucky?

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