Kate Garraway 'Finding Hope' In Coronavirus Survival Stories

By Cara Dudgeon

21st May 2020

Kate Garraway is finding “hope” in the stories of coronavirus survivors

Image Source/ Woman Magazine

The 53-year-old TV presenter’s husband, Derek Draper, is fighting the disease in intensive care – but according to Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan, Kate has been inspired by survival stories.

Reflecting on the story of Jo, a woman who came close to death while battling the virus herself, Piers shared:

‘One of our colleagues, Kate Garraway, her husband’s been very critically ill now for a long period of time.

‘These sort of stories, I have to say, I think give Kate huge hope when she hears them and sees them, because you know she’s been in this very position that Clive [Jo’s husband] was in where you can’t see your loved one – you have to just muddle through, I guess’.

Speaking to Jo’s doctor, Dr Wimbush, Piers continued:

‘Dr Wimbush, one of the hardest things about this is that there’s no usual personal contact either between loved ones, and their own family, as they are in critical condition fighting for their lives.

‘They can’t go and see them. And you as the staff, trying to save them, you can’t connect with the families in the way that you would like to. It’s all very disconnected’.

Meanwhile, Kate recently hailed frontline healthcare workers on Instagram amid her husband’s coronavirus fight.

The broadcaster thanked NHS workers for their hard work and bravery during the health crisis.

Kate wrote:

‘So our #nhsclap was a little different tonight. We still clapped & cheered as much as ever but I couldn’t film on my phone as had Derek on FaceTime throughout! – of course we can’t KNOW but I believe he can hear us & thought at least the incredible @nhs team’s looking after him would hear a fraction of our gratitude. (sic)’.

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