Joe Francis Net Worth: From Millions To Court To Bankruptcy

By Emma Moylan

5th May 2020

Joe Francis Net Worth: From Millions To Court To Bankruptcy

American entrepreneur and film producer, Joe Francis was the creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand. We’re looking at Joe Francis’ net worth, his crimes and bankruptcy.

What Is Joe Francis’ Net Worth?

Joe Francis’ Net Worth is reportedly $50 million dollars.

Joe Francis Net Worth

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Breaking Into The Industry…

Francis’ first business venture into TV was working as a production assistant for Real TV: a programme which aired footage of extraordinary events that were not covered in the mainstream news.

This involved footage of car accidents, violent attack and other graphic events.

It was during this time that he came up with the idea for Banned from Television. He licensed the graphic footage, which he then sold through the Banned from Television videos which he marketed via infomercials.

Some of the most famous footage he released was the assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio; a Mexican politician and presidential candidate and footage of the Royal Jomtien Resort Hotel fire.

Francis stopped the series after three films as he found it too disturbing to watch back to back.

He did, however, come across footage of female college students flashing their breasts which sparked the idea for his next venture.

Girls Gone Wild…

In 1997 Joe Francis created the Girls Gone Wild franchise. The videos were of consenting women, mainly in college, who flashed their naked bodies or acted wild in front of the camera.

In the first two years alone, the show made more than $20 million. Five years later, Francis had produced 83 different Girls Gone Wild titles.

In 2012, the Search For The Hottest Girl In America contest hit screens and winner Abbey Wilson began to date Joe Francis. In 2014, she became with twins via IVF and she later gave birth to two girls.


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Legal Issues… Civil To Criminal

Over the years, Joe Francis has faced several allegations from civil to criminal.

At different times, Francis has been convicted of tax evasion, bribery, false imprisonment, assault causing great bodily injury, dissuading a witness, and record-keeping violations; and has pleaded no contest to child abuse and prostitution.

Filing For Bankruptcy

The parent company for Girls Gone Wild, GGW Brands, filed for bankruptcy in February 2013. It was in an attempt to block Wynn Resorts seizing the assets of the company for the repayment of Francis’ gambling debts.

As Francis failed to comply with the terms of his bankruptcy, a warrant has been issued for his arrest. As of 2015, there were reports he was living in Mexico with Abbey Wilson and their two children.

His Mexican home is actually one of the Kardashian‘s favourite places to visit.

Joe Francis Kim Kardashian

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