Jeremy Kyle's Shocking Net Worth - How Much Is The Presenter Worth?

By Amelia Slater

1st May 2020

What Is Jeremy Kyle’s Net Worth?

With the The Jeremy Kyle Show abruptly coming to an end, how much has controversial presenter Jeremy Kyle’s net worth adjusted to the fame?

The first thing that comes to mind to most people after anyone mentions The Jeremy Kyle Show is a lot of brazen, loud and very outspoken families in tracksuits shouting obscenities at one another…


Who would have thought a concept like that would end up becoming one of the most iconic and controversial talk shows to air on British television?

What Is Jeremy Kyle's Net Worth?

Image source: /BBC

The presenter became infamous for dishing out harsh truths to contestants amid family and relationship disputes.

The question is…how did a radio DJ from Reading end up becoming one of the most influential broadcasters of all time?

What Is Jeremy Kyle’s Net Worth?

Jeremy Kyle is estimated to be worth an impressive £3.7 million, after playing the nation’s agony aunt for over a decade.

1965 – Jeremy Is Born in Reading, Berkshire

Jeremy was born on 7th July 1965 in Reading, Berkshire. He went on to attend the Reading Blue Coat School before studying History and Sociology at the University of Surrey.

1976 – His First Job Was At Marks & Spencer

Started from the bottom now we here…

jeremy kyle young

Image Source: /The Mirror

1989 – Marriage & Gambling Addiction

Jeremy married Kirsty Rowley in 1989 but the pair later separated due to his gambling addiction. He said:

‘I got to a stage where I was betting every single day. My reasons for visiting the bookies had long since stopped being about having some fun. I was there as a creature of dangerous habit.’

jeremy kyle first marriage

Image Source: /Daily Mail

Matters only got worse when Kirsty fell pregnant and there was no money left to spend on the baby. They split when daughter Harriet was just five months old.

1986-1995: He Works As a Life Insurance Salesman

Before Jezza landed his big break, he worked several mundane 9 to 5 jobs including being a life insurance salesman, a radio advertising salesman and a recruitment consultant!

jeremy kyle salesman

Image Source: /Birmingham Mail

1997 – He Becomes A Radio DJ

In 1997, Jezza finally got his big break when he landed the job of a radio presenter after working at Orchard FM in Taunton. He went on to join BRMB in Birmingham and presented the shows Late & Live and Jezza’s Jukebox.

jeremy kyle bbc 5 live

Image Source: /BBC

2002 – He Marries Carla Germaine

In 2002, Jeremy married Carla Germaine and the pair had three children together.

jeremy kyle carla germaine

Image Source: /Irish Mirror

2005 – He Presents The Jeremy Kyle Show

Jeremy Kyle switched from radio to telly in 2005 when he managed to get his own tabloid talk show The Jeremy Kyle show. It was produced by ITV Studios and ran for a whopping sixteen seasons.

jeremy kyle jeremy kyle show

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2012 – He Is Diagnosed With Testicular Cancer

In spite of his on-screen success, Jeremy received some terrible news in 2012 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. However, following intensive chemotherapy and surgery, the presenter was given the all clear!

jeremy kyle net worth diagnosed with testicular cancer

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2015 – Jeremy Splits From Wife Carla

Jez hasn’t had the greatest luck in his personal life and things only got worse when in 2015, he and his wife Carla decided to separate. The revelation came after Jeremy revealed the pair had ‘grown apart’ over recent years.

jeremy kyle net worth wife carla

Image Source: /Closer magazine

He said:

‘After 13 years of a generally happy marriage my wife and I, Carla, have separated amicably. We have sadly grown apart over recent years and been living apart since earlier this ­summer.’

Since the split, Jeremy has since got engaged to his children’s former nanny, Vicky Burton.

2019 – The Jeremy Kyle Show Is Cancelled

The Jeremy Kyle Show was sadly cancelled in 2019 after one of the guests committed suicide after filming an episode for the latest series. The show or the series never aired as a result.

jeremy kyle net worth show is cancelled

Image Source: /The Sun

Carolyn McCall, the CEO of ITV made a statement saying:

‘Given the gravity of recent events we have decided to end production of The Jeremy Kyle Show. The Jeremy Kyle Show has had a loyal audience and has been made by a dedicated production team for 14 years, but now is the right time for the show to end.’

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan paid the presenter a compliment for his work:

‘I don’t watch it very often but what I do know is he’s done a lot of good. Brought families back together.’

So how much is he really worth?

Jeremy might have undergone career suicide over the past few months, however, he’s still got a cushy net worth of £3.7 million! Not bad going Jezza.

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