James Made In Chelsea: Uni, Dating History And Net Worth

By Emma Moylan

13th May 2020

James Made In Chelsea: Uni, Dating History And Net Worth

Meet James (Made in Chelsea). When he’s not flying girls to Paris for dates, he’s probably playing polo so here’s the dish.

Yes, he’s an attractive man and he is especially wealthy but he has certainly made his way through the Made in Chelsea girls.

He owns his own plane, has a gorgeous girlfriend and 42.9k Insta followers, this man seems to have it all.

From Sophie Hermann to Sam Thompson to Mark Francis, Made in Chelsea has produced a whole range of reality stars. But who is James from Made in Chelsea? Here is everything you need to know about where he went to university, his dramatic dating history and his impressive net worth.

What’s His Background?

James Taylor was born on 9 April in 1995 so he is now 24 years old.

He attended the Regent’s University London, graduating in 2018 with a 2:1 degree in Global Business Management.

James managed to bag himself 15 per cent off his tuition fees after he was awarded with one of only two polo scholarships. Although, knowing how rich the Made in Chelsea crew are, we are guessing it wasn’t imperative for him.

In 2015, James jetted off to America, spending his summer as a counsellor at a summer camp in Maine. He taught children to wake board and water ski.

Speaking of the experience on his Linkedin, he said:

“counselling children of this age was a challenge at times, however great to learn such skills.”

In series 17, he made his first appearance on the Made in Chelsea screen where he taught Sam Prince to play polo and since, has been a show regular.

James Made In Chelsea

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Who Has He Dated?

Being the serial dater and blonde beauty that he is, this reality star never seems to struggle for a date. And when money is no issue, it is easy to impress.

He flew Verity Bowditch (a fellow polo player) to Paris for a date. Romantic? Yes. However, he then did the same thing for Eliza Batten, of course professing to her that she was the only girl he would ever do that for.

Naturally, Eliza found out that he was still talking to Verity so then he started dating Rosi-Mai Walden. Right…

Nowadays, James is dating Maeva D’ascanio. In fact, things are going so well between the pair that they decided to stay in France together to enjoy their little love bubble.

Hopefully, this one sticks and we don’t see him vy for the attention of any other cast members.

Why Was He Absent From Series 19?

In the first episode of the nineteenth series, Harvey explains to Miles and Tristan how they’re not going to be in London.

He read a message he received from James:

“Hey Harvey how are things? Things are great with me.

“Maeva and I have been away in France. We’re having such a good time together. I’m in love. So we’ve decided to stay out here for a few months.”


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Couldn’t be happier @maevadascanio 🐶

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Didn’t Maeva Date Miles?

Yes she did.

When Maeve entered the show, she made advances on Miles which led to a turbulent on and off relationship.

With James and Maeve eventually finding love, it naturally caused quite the riff between James and Miles.

With the friends falling out, Miles was pretty happy to see them leaving the show. He said:

“I am so effing happy they’re not in it now.

“It is nothing to do with me not being over it, it is more that I don’t have to see them, or see them together in front of my face all of the time.”

“It is not being about being civil now, I don’t want him in my life, my friendship group, he doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.”


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Don’t think either of us are getting into heaven 🎚

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“He added: “It makes me happy that I can live my life and not have drama with them, that was a big thing for me last season, it was a constant battle.

“For me now, I said to myself I don’t need them in my life anymore, I really don’t.

“I don’t need to acknowledge you in my life anymore, I’ve got friends that actually respect me.”

What Is His Net Worth?

Overall, it is estimated that that James Taylor’s net worth is over £100,000.

Combining his wage from Made in Chelsea and no doubt the money he is making from his Instagram page, James is surely making a pretty penny.

With his Instagram receiving more and more followers every day, he is certain not to be struggling any time soon.


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How the other half die

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The big question remains, what do his family do?

As we know, Jamie Laing, who has appeared on the show for years, is the heir to the McVities creator. His great grandfather invented the recipe for the Digestive biscuit.

However, how James from Made in Chelsea’s net worth came about still remains a secret.

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