Gemma Collins Feared She Was Going To Be Abducted By Aliens

By Cara Dudgeon

1st May 2020

Gemma Collins feared she would be abducted by aliens after confusing meteors for UFOs

Image Source/ iNews

The 39-year-old reality TV star freaked out after spotting dozens of meteors in the night sky above her Essex home last week during the Lyrid shower and became convinced that aliens were approaching Earth.

Speaking on the Scott Mills and Chris Stark BBC Radio 1 show, Gemma explained that a friend texted her telling her to go out and look at the sky,

‘so I go outside and look in the sky and I’m like “Oh my God, that’s an alien. Not only are we in isolation, but aliens are now coming”‘.

Gemma insisted she was not scared but admitted she was worried about why the “aliens” were approaching.

She said:

‘I’m not scared of aliens… I’m intrigued by them and I’d love to get to Area 51 one day but I was like, “What the hell is going on?” I ran in and rung all of my friends and said, “Go outside, there are aliens… quick”‘.

And Gemma was so freaked out by the meteors that she slept with the lights on for the entire night.

She said:

‘It was absolutely ridiculous, I slept with the lights on. I was convinced I was not going to wake up in the morning and was going to be taken to an extra-terrestrial place on Earth’.

Meanwhile, Gemma previously made a public appeal to aliens, urging them to “land their UFOs” where she lives as she wants to “hug” them.

She said:

‘Aliens if you can hear me please, I’ve got lots of land here where we live. There’s lots of green fields. Land your UFOs where I live, I wanna talk to you, I wanna hug you, I wanna meet you. I’m not scared of aliens’.

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