Danny Tetley Wife, His Coming Out And Jail Sentence

By Tharmini Kenas

4th May 2020

Danny Tetley Wife, His Coming Out And Jail Sentence

Reality TV series X Factor star Danny Tetley made it to the semi-finals and finished in sixth place in 2018. The actor and singer was judged by Simon Cowell (he also co-judges British Got Talent with Amanda Holden), Louis Tomlinson, Ayda Field, and Robbie Williams.

He used to sing in the bars of Benidorm for years before participating in Pop Idol in 2001 and X Factor in 2018. 

However, he recently made it to the headlines for child sex offences. What did he do? Is he married? More about Danny Tetley’s wife, his sexuality, and his criminal offence. 

Who Is Danny Tetley’s Wife? 

Danny Tetley wife

Image Source/The Sun

There is a high possibility that you might not have heard of Danny Tetley’s wife. Danny Tetley came out as gay in 2001. Although he has dated women before, none came close to become Danny Tetley’s wife. 

Interestingly, he had two long relationships with men. However, his love life had been on hold since he wanted to focus on his career. 

Forget Danny Tetley’s Wife, Let’s Move On To His Coming Out Story!

Apparently, Danny has been gay since he was four years old. His coming out story was a double celebration as his father came out at the same time too! 

During a holiday together in Los Angeles, the father-son duo went for a night of drinking at a gay bar. As the drinks flowed, they started talking about the handsome men at the bar. 

Danny Tetley wife

Image Source/HuffPost UK

Back at their hotel, the ‘strange moment’ happened. 

“It was quite a strange moment—there aren’t many fathers and sons who are gay.”

“It must have been tough for my dad growing up in the era he did and not being able to be himself.”

Interestingly, they got close after sharing this meaningful moment and Danny went on to honour his father and step-father with a rendition of Gladys Knight’s You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me during their wedding in 2016. 

“That experience with my dad made us so much closer. We’re really good friends and I’m so happy for him.”

Danny Has No Intention For A Danny Tetley’s Wife…He Just Wants To Inspire


He is liking his own space and has no intention or time to pursue a romantic relationship. 

“I’ve had plenty of men hitting on me through social media, saying they fancy me, but I have no time at the minute and I’m liking my own space.”

“Robbie ­Williams and Simon Cowell are too old for me. Liam Payne and Shawn Mendes are much more my type.

“I’m hoping that telling this story will inspire others to come out too, whether you were young like me or older like my dad.

“When I did come out it was always a bit of a shock because I was in the rugby and football teams. People say I am not your typical gay man, but who is?”

His Recent ‘Despicable’ Act And Jail Sentence

Danny Tetley wife

Image Source/Irish News

Danny Tetley pleaded guilty to seven charges as part of causing sexual exploitation of boys aged between 14 and 16 years old from October 2018 to August 2019. 

It is a shocking revelation that he had paid the teenage boys to send him explicit images of themselves. One of the boys’ parents happened to see the images when they checked their son’s phone. 

Danny had been convincing the young boys using money and fame to send him inappropriate images. Sickeningly, he even asked two of the boys to perform sexual acts on camera and offered them money. 

He paid thousands for pictures and videos of the boys masturbating, their penises, and other sexual images. 

“Trust me, money ain’t a prob as long as they are good.”

Danny Tetley wife

Image Source/Digital Spy

The court heard that he asked one of the boys to send him indecent images while he was on X Factor as the boy was a big fan of the show. 

After conducting this act for months, Danny was finally arrested in May 2019 and sentenced to be jailed for nine years.  

Here’s What The Judge Said…

At Bradford Crown Court, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said, 

“Those in the public eye have a deep responsibility which many you see exercise magnificently, with additional work for society.

“Many will see you, I’m afraid, for what you are, to some extent: a despicable creature with very few redeeming features.”

“You abused that status to satisfy your perverted sexual needs.”

Danny Tetley wife

Image Source/Birmingham Live

“What you demanded and showed were blatant and the disgusting level to which you sank, Mr Tetley, was quite unbelievable.”

Danny’s Defense…

Andrew Dallas defended Danny using his childhood trauma and the recent issues he was facing. 

“He was bullied at school for his facial disability and his sexual orientation, as he got older, he left school at the age of 15 without any academic qualifications, he eventually came out as gay around the age of 18.”

Apparently, Danny was addicted to cocaine and attempted suicide in his 20s. 

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