BBC Announces Full Eurovision Coverage To Replace Cancelled Event

By Cara Dudgeon

4th May 2020

The BBC has announced its full Eurovision Song Contest coverage to replace this year’s axed event


Image Source/ Entertainment Daily

The annual competition has been axed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the broadcaster has enlisted the likes of Graham Norton, Rylan Clark-Neal and Ken Bruce to bring a host of content to viewers across television and radio.

BBC One will see Graham fronting Eurovision: Come Together to kick off the big night on May 16, which sees viewers taking part in a live vote to crown their favourite performance.

The talk show host will also provide commentary for Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, which will honour the 41 songs that would have competed in the 2020 contest.

They will be simultaneously broadcast across the continent in a non-competitive format, with some surprises in store for viewers and a virtual singalong.

Graham said:

‘Eurovision offers a real escapism for people, which is something we need more than ever throughout these times.

‘This year people at home can celebrate the amazing spirit of the event and hopefully get the chance to take their mind off the current situation for a few hours’.

Over on BBC Two, Rylan will be narrating The A-Z of Eurovision with a brand new highlights compilation features the highs and lows from the past 65 years.

He commented:

‘It’s so sad that Eurovision 2020 had to be cancelled, but it’s understandable and it doesn’t mean we can’t still escape to the Eurovision bubble.

‘We’re so excited to be bringing Eurovision content to Saturday 16th May to keep up the tradition of many years of this amazing event’.

The extensive coverage – which is also coming to BBC Four – will continue on BBC Radio 1 and 2, with all three presenters coming on the airwaves in the the week leading up to the big night.

Ken added:

‘It’s Virtual Eurovision! On Radio 2, I’ll be playing tracks from Eurovision 2020 featuring some of the best of this year’s entries which sadly won’t get to take part in the final.

‘And I’ll also be hearing from previous years’ stars – past winners reminiscing about their memories of the Greatest MusicFest in the world!’

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