By Lucy Cooper - 19th May 2020

Argos Weights: Top Picks And Where Else To Buy

Since gyms have closed their doors we’ve been forced to get more creative with our workouts; Argos weights could help take this weight off…

The only problem- everyone wants them; having no access to our usual gym equipment means we’ve ALL resorted to buying them online!

Now they’re either sold out everywhere (like garden furniture!) or going at extortionate prices.

You don’t need dumbbells or kettlebells to get a good home workout- your self and a mat/ some carpet is enough! But, if you did want to spice up your workouts, here are some extras- available from Argos- that will help you keep fit at home!

Women’s Yoga & Pilates Bands- £6.99

These are great to create a bit more resistance in your workout- meaning you’ll be aching more the next day! They vary in strength, so can tailor them to your workouts.

You can add these in to any workout- it doesn’t necessarily have to be yoga/pilates!

argos resistance bands

Argos Weights: Wrist & Ankle Weights (1KG each)- £9.99

These little gems are handy to add that bit extra in to your workout! Strap them to your wrists or ankles and feel the burn! They might only feel light, but they’ll soon ramp up your workouts!

argos weights ankle

Gym Ball- £6.99

These are so handy to get those abs working! For less than £7 it’s a handy accessory to add to your workouts. There’s plenty you can do with it- just check online!

argos ball

Argos Weights: Push Up Bars- £12.99

These will come in handy on upper body days, making it feel a bit more like you’re in the gym!

argos weights push up

Foam Roller- £19.99

It’s not just about the workout- the recovery is key! Using one of these isn’t the most comfortable experiences but it will do your muscles the world of good. They’ll be thanking you the next day!

argos weights foam roller

Nike Running Armband- £17.99 

Lots of us seem to have taken up running since lockdown began- perhaps because we’ve got NOTHING else to do! Getting outside is so much more appreciated these days, and the endorphins released after a run are like nothing else.

This little accessory is essential for any keen runner- it keeps your phone out of sight and more importantly out of mind! It also saves you carrying it, and checking the time every second in hopes it’s nearly over!!

argos armband

Printed Yoga Mat- £12.99 

Yoga is another hobby a lot of us have discovered in quarantine. Taking time to have a good stretch and really unwind does your body (and soul) the world of good.

This mat is great for giving a bit of inspiration if you’re stuck for poses too!

yoga mat

Argos Weights Alternatives- Sports Direct

Dumbbell (2KG)- £5.99 Each

As Argos have very limited actual weights available, here are some alternatives from elsewhere.

If your workout isn’t complete without weights, then these options are for you. Firstly these dumbbells from Sports Direct. The lower weights are most readily available at the minute.

sports direct weight

Water Bottle Dumbbells (1 Litre)- £3.99 Each

These are a different option, since actual dumbbells are so hard to get hold of. Fill these up with water and have your hydration and weight all in one!

argos weights bottle

Argos Weights Alternatives- Amazon

Kettlebell (4KG)- £14.50

Sites are well aware of the demand for weights during lockdown, so have taken full advantage and upped their prices!

You can still find some okay deals on Amazon, like this 4kg kettlebell. But, as weight increases, so does price (quite drastically too).

These are great for your squats and deadlifts, and also arms!

kettlebell amazon

Core Sliders- £16.99

These aren’t essential but they will help you feel that extra burn during your ab routines! These can be used on carpets or hard surfaces- so can be used anywhere really!

core sliders