Argos Laundry Basket: The Most Stylish And Practical Options

By Emma Moylan

19th May 2020

Argos Laundry Basket: The Most Stylish And Practical Options

You can’t air your dirty laundry but need a chic way of matching your basket to your home decor? These are the best Argos laundry baskets on the market.

Laundry is one of the most tiresome chores as it comes in three stages: sorting, washing, drying. Then you’ve got to do it all over again. It really is a never-ending task. Then comes the question of where to store it. They say never to air your dirty laundry so here are some of the nicest laundry baskets on the market to keep your dirty washing stored away.

Argos Home Wash, Dry, Repeat Laundry Bag – £8.00

Laundry is definitely a chore, but if we can make it more about home decor than storage then we’ll take it as a win. This fabric laundry bag will hide all your dirty laundry whilst being a nice addition to any room. Far from being an eyesore, this chic laundry basket does the job while looking trendy. With a drawstring closure and a huge capacity, this laundry bag is a steal at just £8. Plus, when it is empty (if ever) it will just fold down to store out of sight!

Argos laundry basket

Image Source/Argos

Argos Home Fabric & Wire Laundry Basket – Grey – £10.00

Sleek and modern, this laundry basket will fit into any room without drawing too much attention. With a black metal wire frame and grey, textured fabric, it is an easy-access option to launch in your dirty laundry. It is lightweight and easy to carry for transporting those dirty clothes to the washing machine whilst having a large capacity.

Grey laundry basket

Image Source/Argos

Argos Home Bright Laundry Sorter – £12.00

This laundry sorter will save you time and energy as it comes with 3 compartments for you to separate your dirty clothes into whites, colours and darks. The bright canvas laundry sorter takes away the need for rifling through your laundry before a wash and its lightweight structure makes it easy to take away on holiday or to university. Its bright colours make it a cheery addition to any room for children and adults alike.

Bright Laundry Sorter

Image Source/Argos

Argos Home 60 Litre Monks Bench Style Laundry Box – White – £40

This wooden laundry box will look great wherever you put it. Bathroom, bedroom or even hallway, it will disguise the dirty laundry whilst also providing a top shelf for any storage or decoration. This is the perfect way to store laundry as it will simply appear as another beautiful piece of furniture.

With plenty of capacity and at just £40, this is a great addition to the home.

Laundry Box

Image Source/Argos

Argos Home Rope Laundry Basket – Neutral – £40

We all love a chunky knit so why shouldn’t that extend to our laundry basket.With a wire frame underneath, this will be all kinds of stylish whilst still keeping its shape.  Plus, it comes with a lid to hide whatever needs to be hidden. Made from chunky cotton rope, it has 2 sturdy handles to make moving it incredible easy.

Rope basket

Image Source/Argos

Habitat Nahla Rectangular Laundry Basket – £50

Need a neat and discrete laundry basket? This will slip into any room to keep messy piles of clothes away. Hand-woven in Vietnam, this Habitat laundry basket has handles for easy carrying and flat sides so that it can tuck nicely into any corner.

Woven Basket

Image Source/Argos

Argos Home Seagrass 120 Litre Laundry Sorter – White – £35

This white, woven laundry sorter will allow you to easily keep your whites and darks separate whilst fitting in seamlessly with your home decor.


Seagrass Laundry Sorter

Image Source/Argos

During the current pandemic, standalone Argos stores are closed. However, you can still shop online.

You can explore the whole range, add to your basket, review and enter to select to pay. Your items will be delivered straight to your home.

The website explains:

“You can click here for our latest updates on our stores, website and contact centre. Thank you for your continued patience and support.”

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