Anthea Turner Instagram – Get Personal With Anthea

By Lynda Keleer

14th May 2020

Anthea Turner Instagram – Get Personal With Anthea

Anthea Turner is a familiar face if you grew up watching English television.

And as we already know from Gogglebox, the English take television watching very seriously. Even back in 2013, a quarter of English people voted watching TV as their favourite pastime.

Anthea Turner instagram

From presenting live music programs on Music Box and Sky Channel to BBC’s But First This, these were the stepping stones that lead up to Anthea Turner’s success on the big screen.

Today, she has a list of achievements and experiences to add to her resume.

Anthea Turner is blowing up everywhere, like on her Instagram where she regularly shares cute posts.

How many followers does Anthea Turner have on her Instagram? What is her Instagram handle?

Keep reading to learn more about the captivating TV presenter Anthea Turner, and you will want to follow her on Instagram, like now!

Who is Anthea Turner?

Anthea Millicent Turner was born on May 25th 1960 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Her parents were Brian and Jean turner, and altogether the couple had three daughters Anthea, Wendy, and Ruth.

Sadly, Ruth died at the young age of fifteen as she faced complications from a spinal defect.

Anthea and Wendy, however, grew up to become two familiar faces we know and love on television today.

Anthea’s private life had always been the talk of the tabloids, as she does have a pretty interesting love life.


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You better settle for some juicy gossip…

The blonde beauty dated former co-worker Bruno Brookes, who she then later dumped to marry manager and former DJ Peter Powell. The pair got married in 1990 and separated in 1998.

A year later, Turner found herself living with Imagine Homes CEO, Grant Bovey, and it was a complex relation, to say the least.

Bovey left Della, his wife, to move in with Turner. Suddenly, he reconciled with Della, leaving Turner again for his ex, only for him to return again to Turner.

The couple marries (finally) in 2000 but the rollercoaster ride did not stop there as they split in 2012 after Bovey’s extramarital affairs came to light.

Anthea Turner Before Instagram

The TV presenter’s transition into television was through presenting live music programmes for Sky Channel and Music Box.

Anthea presented Blue Peter, the children’s TV show from 1992 to 1994 and was also associated with the exercise system by the London YMCA called ‘The Y Plan’.

If you’re a fan of the lotto, then that’s probably where you’ve thought you’ve seen her before. Turner hosted the very first BBC National Lottery draw in 1994 alongside Noel Edmonds and Gordon Kennedy.

The hard working presenter also presented for GMTV from 1994 to 1996 but her relationship with co-presenter Eamonn Holmes was not particularly warm and fuzzy.

Their unfriendliness even led up to Turner losing her job after Holmes threatened to leave GMTV if Turner was not fired.

For some reason he wasn’t really fond of her, often describing her with unfavourable adjectives like “unbearable” and “horrid”.

It was the time when Turner’s rocky relationship with Imagine Homes CEO Grant Bovey started having a negative effect on her career.

Fools Rush In, her autobiography only sold 451 copies in the first week of release in 2000.

Turner made attempts to review her career including presenting alongside her sister Wendy on BBC’s Your Kids Are In Charge.

Anthea Turner Instagram

Since then, Anthea Turner has been a familiar face on some of our favourite reality TV shows. Like Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.-


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She also appeared took part in the famous Dancing On Ice. Where she came in ninth place out of twelve contestants. Anthea even won a dance-off against the now famous Lauren Goodger.

With a celebrity status, Anthea Turner also started becoming increasing popular on Instagram.

She enjoys sharing personal moments to her almost 50k followers.

You can find Anthea Turner on Instagram via the handle @antheaturner for some pretty, aesthetically pleasing posts to fill your news feed.

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