Amanda Holden's Children – Alexa and Hollie

By Lynda Keleer

4th May 2020

Amanda Holden’s Children – Alexa and Hollie

Most of you know Amanda Holden as one of the judges on the popular TV show Britain’s Got Talent where she judges along side the famous Simon Cowell. Other than that, Amanda is also a famous English TV personality, actress, singer, author. Most importantly, Amanda is also a mother to two gorgeous daughters. Amanda Holden’s children often appear alongside her on social media posts and even on the media attending several special occasions with the actress.

Amanda Holden Children

Her eldest daughter, Hollie, even regularly attends her mom’s interview sessions with big stars like Angelina Jolie.

The happy family always looks polished and happy together posing for the camera.

Recently, you can even see them dancing together in the garden as Holden finally joins the Tik Tok craze.

However, Amanda Holden and her children did not have such a happy start as she faced complications during her pregnancy.

To find out what happened and to learn more about Amanda Holden and her children, keep reading!

Amanda Holden and her Children

Amanda Louise Holden was born on February 16th, 1971 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

She is a famous English TV personality, actress, singer, and author.

You would be lying if you said you don’t know who she is.


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Amanda got married in 1995 to comedian Les Dennis. The pair split temporarily five years later as it came to light that Holden was having an affair with actor Neil Morrissey.

Finally, in 2003, the couple filed for divorce.

Holden’s love life was not over however, as she had her first daughter in 2006 with fiancé and record producer, Chris Hughes.

The loved up couple then tied the knot in December 2008 in Babington House, Somerset.

Two years later, the pair sadly lost their son after Holden had a miscarriage.

Then in 2012, she gave birth to her second daughter despite pregnancy complications and her husband Chris Hughes thinking she was on the pill.

Amanda revealed:

“Chris wanted to wait but I had other ideas. In fact Chris thought I was on the pill but in reality I spat them away on a daily basis.”

“I can only put it down to the primal need to have another baby and that had overtaken me.”

Holden’s second pregnancy was a complicated one as she suffered a haemorrhage while in the hospital.

Amanda shared in her autobiography No Holding Back:

“Unbeknown to everyone, my placenta had attached itself to my bladder, and when they liften it out, it snagged a large artery and ruptured it. I had haemorrhaged and was bleeding to death.”

Amanda Holden Joins TikTok

Thankfully, years later, Amanda and her children are happy as ever, often appearing alongside the famous actress.

The latest update in the Holden household is that the TV personality is finally on TikTok!


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If you’re not following her already, you’re missing out.

While everyone has been practicing social distancing and staying home amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, TikTok has been a new trend among celebrities to connect with the public or just simply kill some boredom.

Amanda was also one of the first Heart FM radio presenters who announced that she will be working from home due to the pandemic.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge made her TikTok debut alongside daughter Hollie and their new puppy, dancing away like nobody’s watching in their garden.

Co-presenter and host Jamie Theakston then followed in her footsteps but can’t seem to stop getting distracted while working from home.

He said while welcoming listeners tuning in:

“Lucy is in studio, me working from home. It’s quite distracting working from home I think.”

The host then joked:

“The catering in this place is exceptional!”

Amanda Holden and Children Lexi (Alex) and Hollie


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We’re sure you are as glad as we are that Amanda Holden and her children are doing great despite their rough start.

Amanda’s always bright spirits and positive attitude is an inspiration to us all.

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