Amanda Holden: Britain's Got Talent Needs Live Studio Audience

By Cara Dudgeon

6th May 2020

Amanda Holden thinks the Britain’s Got Talent finals need a live studio audience

Image Source/ BT TV

The ITV show has been thrown into chaos due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Amanda believes it’s imperative that a live audience is able to attend the final rounds of the talent show series.

She explained:

‘I don’t think we would ever do it without an audience. We have always said the audience is the fifth judge.

‘We need that brilliant audience behind us gearing us up and pushing us forward. It’s nothing without them’.

The TV star thinks the show would fall flat if there was no crowd to create an atmosphere for the acts.

Amanda said:

‘They create the atmosphere. So I know we’re going to be waiting for it all to clear up.

‘I know there are dates for early autumn and we’re all praying’.

Amanda, 49, suggested the audience could be separated by multiple seats to ensure there’s some kind of atmosphere during the final rounds of the show.

The TV judge also thinks empty seats could be filled with “cardboard cutouts”.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, she explained:

‘Even if they have to sit five seats apart, we could fill the other seats with cardboard cutouts’.

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