10 Things You Almost Definitely Had In Your Kitchen!

By Daily Feed

9th May 2020

1. Soup bowls.

My mum still has one of these in the cupboard, it still looks brand new! Can you remember where you got these from? They were given away at petrol stations. Remember?


2. Tupperware.

Did your mum ever go to a Tupperware party? Whenever my mum went to one, she’d come home with even more tubs, cups and all sorts to fill the cupboards up.


3. Something from the Eternal Beau collection.

Did your mum or gran collect any of these when you were younger? Back when we had hideously decorated homes, this collection fit in perfectly with our floral wallpaper and messy looking carpets.


4. Chipper.

It was one of those things you saw in your mums kitchen that you weren’t sure what it was. I just knew it was called a chipper and my mum always used it when we had chips, eggs and beans. Standard Friday night dinner.


5. Radio.

You had to have a radio in your kitchen, all those hours my mum used to spend in the kitchen cooking for us, I’m surprised she didn’t go mad. But at least she had one of these retro-looking radios to sing along to.


You could sing along to that week’s Top 40 whilst watching your mum cook.


6. Hornsea pottery.

The perfect kitchen accessory to go with the rest of the badly decorated kitchen. I do love these pots though, they’ll always remind me of growing up, mum had one for tea, coffee, gravy granules…you name it, we had it.


7. Sodastream.

Soda streams were nothing special, but everyone had one. They were all the rage at one point. Did your mum have one of these in the 80s?


8. Potato crimper.

Forget boring old straight chips, your mum could crimp them with this handy little device. Can you even get your hands on one of these things these days? I bet you could find one on eBay!


9. Recipe cards.

Did anyone actually ever use these? Everyone seemed to have them in the 70s & 80s, but I don’t ever remember my mum using them, unless she was having a nightmare¬†and forgot how to make something. They were just shoved in the corner of the kitchen.


10. Electric knife.

Remember electric knives? They’d come out at Christmas time, just in time to carve the Turkey up for Christmas dinner. Or on a Sunday afternoon when you had a roast.


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