Top Gear's Paddy McGuinness Had Better Car While Hosting Take Me Out

By Cara Dudgeon

30th April 2020

Paddy McGuinness has had no perks from his Top Gear job – and had a better car when he was hosting Take Me Out

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

The 46-year-old TV presenter expected he could be in line for a few vehicle-related perks when he joined the presenting line-up of the motoring show last year – alongside Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris – but soon realised that wasn’t going to be the case.

Speaking to ‘The Chris Moyles Show’ on Radio X, Paddy said:

‘Well, I’ve gotta tell you, when I got the gig, I was thinking to myself, “Oh here we go, let’s go and get some new cars.”

‘It actually works the other way when you’re the host of Top Gear, because you’re not allowed to have or endorse or go near anything car-wise.

‘So everything’s actually stripped back the other way, funnily enough.

‘I got a better car being the host of Take Me Out.

‘But I love it, don’t get me wrong, I love the gig’.

Paddy also revealed he has been banned from TikTok after trying to fill the time during the coronavirus lockdown by uploading clips to the video-sharing network.

But he has no idea why, particularly as he sees far more controversial content that’s seemingly been allowed to remain on the site.

He said:

‘Yeah well I tried TikTok – my missus (Christine McGuinness) said, “We’ll do these TikToks when we’ve got nothing else to do.” I went, “Right, OK.”

‘I put three videos on, two were banned and I’m now banned, so it was a very short TikTok career. Thank you.

‘The trouble is with TikTok, you go, “Why is this banned?” and no one ever gets back to you.

‘I honestly think they’ve gone, “Hang on, it’s a 46-year-old man dancing in his garden. We don’t need this.”

‘It’s a strange one though, that TikTok, because I got banned for them videos and then you have a look through and I genuinely don’t know much about it – I literally downloaded them videos and I’ve never been on it since.

‘When you flick through, there’s loads of pictures of people scantily clad and all this and I’m like, “What am I being banned for?”‘.

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