Gemma Collins Shocked By Cost Of Supermarket Products

By Cara Dudgeon

3rd April 2020

Gemma Collins was “in shock” after discovering supermarkets charge different prices for the same products

Image Source/ Chelmsford Weekly News

The 39-year-old reality star took her first trip to the supermarket in years during the coronavirus lockdown and was flabbergasted to find different stores were charging more for her favourite brands.

Speaking on her BBC podcast, she said:

‘I know this sounds ridiculous, but being the GC I haven’t always got time to weigh this kind of stuff up. I queued up and I started to look at prices of the shopping.

‘I’m gonna be honest with you – I’ve not looked at prices for a very long time and I’ve realised that supermarkets charge different prices. I didn’t know that. I couldn’t ¬≠believe it, I was in shock’.

However, the Diva Forever star is thrilled to be discovering new things she wouldn’t of otherwise found during her time at home.

She added:

‘Sometimes you can get the same product, like literally the same brand, and another supermarket will be cheaper. I’m loving the discoveries’.

Gemma’s comments come after she admitted she had been stockpiling ahead of the crisis last month as she enlisted staff to buy 28 toilet rolls and food such as Yorkshire puddings and mini pancakes from Marks and Spencer.

What’s more, she has also been using her time wisely to plan her next big career move as she revealed she wants to try out a new profession.

She told listeners:

‘If I put my mind to it, could I be the next Steve Jobs [Apple computer founder]?

‘Do we have the same brain size? Could yours be bigger or smaller than mine – I’ve had a lot of thinking time on my hands. I don’t think anyone on this earth thinks the same as me – I’m definitely a very unusual character’.

She added:

‘While corona is going on I might become a psychologist’.

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