Eamonn Holmes Has Had 'Physical Enhancements'

By Cara Dudgeon

29th April 2020

Eamonn Holmes has undergone some “physical enhancements” because of the “pressure” of being on television

Image Source/ New Statesman

The 60-year-old presenter confessed to having had his teeth whitened and undergoing other procedures and admitted he feels “pathetic” for having given in to expectations to maintain a youthful appearance.

Speaking during an appearance on BBC2’s I’ll Get This in an episode airing on Wednesday (29.04.20), he said:

‘It’s not so much funny as sort of pathetic, really. In this business and the pressure…‚ÄČI know you’re looking at me and thinking, “How does he look so well for his age?” Certain orifices have to be dealt with. It’s smoke and mirrors’.

Two years ago, while co-hosting This Morning with wife Ruth Langsford, Eamonn was advised by cosmetic surgeons Linda Li and Greg Hodge, who run dating website BeautifulPeople.com, that he would need to undergo various procedures if he ever wanted to be accepted as a member of their venture, which is described as the “leading dating site for beautiful men and women”.

Linda said of Eamonn:

‘The eyes are showing some signs of ageing.

‘I suggest brightening up the eyes with surgery.

‘There are bags beneath the eyes, you could remove the excess skin on the upper and lower eyes.

‘The jawline is beginning to sag, you could tighten it up’.

And Linda told Ruth, 60, that despite being “beautiful”, she could still do with some liposuction.

She added:

‘I think Ruth looks beautiful.

‘But if you were rejected, I would point out signs of facial ageing – the upper and lower lids, smile lines.

‘You could soften all of that… [And] liposuction… it might make you more comfortable to have liposuction’.

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