Chloe Brockett Before TOWIE: What Do We Know?

By Sam Pointon

24th April 2020

Chloe Brockett before TOWIE

We know that not all the TOWIE stars are lucky enough to have famous family members to prop them up. We’ve got to wonder what they’ve done in the past, like what did Chloe Brockett do before TOWIE?

Both her mum Clare and Ms Brockett before TOWIE have worked some very interesting jobs and lead colourful lives…

Who is Chloe Brockett?

Chloe is just nineteen years old, making her one of the youngest members of the reality show. She was born on the 1st December 2000, which means she’s also a Sagittarius.

Image Source: The Sun

Influenced by Fire and Air, Sagittarius women fall in love quickly and passionately and love any form of communication. A Sagittarius is fun, kind, honest and adventurous, so it definitely sounds like the TOWIE newcomer is just like her star sign. Although, Chloe does seem to have calmed down for the newest series:

“I’m not really involved in any drama at the minute so it’s been nice.”

Chloe loves posting pics on social media, with her Instagram page full of selfies, party pictures and promo shots.

Chloe Brockett before
Image Source: Instagram

Ms Brockett, before you ask, is fairly new to the TOWIE scene, having joined the show just last year. The TOWIE star started filming along with plenty of new cast members, including on-off bestie Joey Turner, Kelsey Stratford and Harry Lee.

Chloe Brockett Kelsey
Image Source: Essex Live

Not forgetting, of course, her mum Clare Brockett who joined the cast at the same time!

Chloe’s Mum

42-year-old Clare swished onto the TOWIE scene alongside her daughter and plenty of other younger cast members.

Chloe and Clare Brockett
Image Source: Lime Pictures

Not that she’s letting any age differences put her off – there was even rumours of a love triangle involving her and her daughter Chloe. TOWIE’s Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell revealing his love for both mum and daughter is, well, awks!

Gatsby TOWIE
Image Source: Metro

Chloe Brockett before TOWIE


So what exactly did Chloe Brockett do before The Only Way is Essex? For someone so you, the ‘Queen Bee’ of her girl group has had some pretty high end jobs before reaching fame.

Just like ex-best friend and co-star Ella-Rae Wise, Chloe is a hairdresser. It’s unclear whether or not she still works in hairdressing, as she’s pretty busy with both TOWIE and her collaboration with Libby Wells called Rocketts Boutique. Chloe models all of Libby’s gorgeous clothes.

Chloe Brockett Rocketts Boutique
Image Source: Rocketts Boutique

She’s had some pretty famous heads to style while being a hairdresser, like the time she helped do Piers Morgan’s hair!

Piers Morgan Chloe Brockett
Image Source: Instagram

She also used to work in a cosmetic clinic, so she’s probably got some fascinating gossip from all sorts of celebrities getting lip fillers done. We’d love to have been a fly on the wall for those sessions!

Personal life

Ms Brockett’s love life has been a bit all over the place on TOWIE. Before she joined the reality show, Chloe was actually dating a man eight years older than her! She apparently found him:

“Boring, even though he has a Porsche.”

Well, at least she put feelings before money!

And of course, her mum has been a huge part of her life both before and after they joined the show.

Chloe and Clare Brockett
Image Source: Instagram

Clare Brockett before TOWIE


Clare was first introduced on The Only Way is Essex in the first episode of series 24, picking her daughter’s fellow newbie cast members Tom McDonnell, Jayden Beales and Harry Lee up in her taxi.

Yes, Clare works as a taxi driver, something she hasn’t given up during her time on TOWIE.

Clare Brockett
Image Source: Essex Live

Personal Life

It seems that Clare Brockett is single and was leading up to joining the show, as she did have a brief fling with Gatsby (yes, the love triangle one!). He not-so-subtly had this to say after Clare joined the show:

“There is a MILF who has been introduced. She is actually really fit, all the boys were like ‘wow’.”

Not one for subtly, are you Gatsby?

What do the other cast members do?

Chloe Brockett’s before TOWIE career isn’t the only surprise on the show. Plenty of the other cast members held some pretty unsuspecting jobs before joining the reality show too, including…

Harry Lee: Recruitment Consultant

Chloe Brockett before Harry Lee
Image Source: OK Magazine

Tom McDonnell: Personal Trainer

Tom McDonnell
Image Source: Twitter

Gemma Collins: Car Salesperson

Gemma Collins
Image Source: Hello Magazine

Pete Wicks: Company Director

Pete Wicks
Image Source: Irish Mirror
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