By Llauren Hope

5th March 2020

Billie Eilish first gained media attention way back in 2016 when she uploaded the song ‘Ocean Eyes’ to¬†SoundCloud, a song which was written and produced by her brother Finneas. Since then, however, she’s been breaking records left right and centre. From becoming the youngest ever Coachella performer to winning six (yes, SIX) Grammy’s at the 2020 Grammy’s event, Billie Eilish seems pretty much un-freakin’-stoppable. And it’s easy to see why!

She may be more popular than ever before, but we’ve managed to dig up these unseen pictures of superstar Billie Eilish for your very own [ocean] eyes. Enjoy!

1. From Bad Guy to Play Boy

Here we see Billie rocking a two-piece with a colourful playboy cover-up, which is pretty much unheard of considering the singer’s affinity for wearing ‘baggy, non-revealing’ clothes in order to keep her popularity about her music and not just about the way she looks. You go, Billie!

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